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The Uneasy Future Awaits Donald Trump and Muhammad bin Salman

As expected the Democratic Party won the majority in the US congressional elections, while the Republicans held on to their majority position within the...

Roy Moore: Guilty of Abusing Girls and Religion

In the philosophy of language, we learn the simple truth that the meaning of a word is how it's used in a sentence. The...

Sinister September: Zionist Anti-Islam Plot Simmering

"In a coordinated effort, UK channel 4 broadcast a documentary called ‘Islam: The Untold Story’ last week in stark distortion of Islam. Director Tom Holland who is so dismally bereft of any knowledge on Islam claims there is little written contemporary evidence about the origin of Islam and the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Even barely noted for his vampire and supernatural stories, Holland’s non-fiction books have nothing to do with religious matters or Islam."

Obama: Assassin Extraordinary!

"Obama's default position on Islam that is evident in his reluctance to de-link from the notorious military control of Egypt despite a popular revolution that toppled his ally Hosni Mubarak!...Likewise his unjudicious role in manipulating UN resolutions to lead US/NATO bombardment of Libya; his arming and backing of dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to retain power by crushing civil rights movements; and his illegal unilateral sanctions on Iran has not endeared him to Muslims desirous of living freely and in dignity."

A Jewish Soul

"It is a very unhealthy situation for a state when 20% of its citizens loathe its national symbols. For these very same reasons Canada changed its anthem not so long ago, exchanging the British anthem for one that French Canadians can sing with a clear conscience, without denying their own identity. “O Canada” enhances the unity of all citizens."



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