Paving the way for Muslim holocaust

On hearing criticism of Amina Wadud and company’s action on March 18, 2005, some Muslims respond: “Why are we pre-occupied with this misguided woman’s actions? It is not worth to spend time on it. We’re just making her more ‘famous.’ Just forget about it and get on with life. There are much more worthy things to do and they are urgent too."

This is not really so simple. The consequences of these actions on the part of self-proclaimed progressive Muslims are far serious than one can imagine. The attitude that demands silence over Amina Wadud and company’s actions leads to turning more than 99 percent of Muslims into 21st century Jews.

Actually it is a multitude of factors that are leading to the fascist environment emerging particularly in the US, where Muslims would soon be no better than what Jews were in Germany in 1930s.

The first factor in this regard is the fear that Islamophobes are spreading with increasing intensity in the community. Besides they are setting anti-Qur’an standards and pre-conditions for Muslims to be considered acceptable: “moderate.”

The second factor is total surrender on the part of most opportunists among Muslims who love to be promoted in the media, secured in some "respectable" positions or awarded with fulfilment of some other personal interest by following the Islamophobes’ agenda.

The third factor is the cold response of some individual and groups among Muslims who propose to ignore Amina et al and disregard persons like Pipes as “bigot.”

Pipes is not a bigot. He is the most open and the least hypocrite of the enemies of Islam. He is the one who is putting forward clear standards for “moderates” and “progressives” so that there are no shades of grey left for some to hide in.

The Islamophobes are developing a mindset in the non-Muslim countries, which makes the general population believe that Islam is inherently a violent religion and Muslims who believe in the totality of the Qur’an are “Islamists.”

Accordingly, only those are acceptable who are willing to “question the origins of Islam” and totally reject parts of the Qur’an as not acceptable or at the very least irrelevant.

The “Progressive” opportunists follow the same agenda and consolidate the mindset already prepared by the Islamophobes, showing the public, “yes, here we are: the refusenicks, the partial believers, the forward looking progressives” as opposed to the rest of Muslims who are conservative, fundamentalists and Islamists, who deserve to be shunned."

Those who choose to be silent spectators of the above mentioned developments further pave the way for their isolation because in this case numbers do not matter. All that counts is who fits the Islamophobes and progressives’ fascist agenda.

Just like the roots of today’s fitna (mischief) of a women leading men in Jumma prayers lie in the adventures of “progressive” and “liberal” Muslims’ and their groundwork in the past,[1] so are many other seeds of fitna out there waiting to germinate into full grown trees.

Silence on the part of Muslims will further aggravate the situation because if they failed to make their point clear, the "moderate" and "progressive" opportunists are going to take the situation to the boiling point whereby all those who do not agree to their basically anti-Islam agenda would be declared "radicals," "Islamists" and hence a threat to local and global security -” terrorists.

That is a very scary eventuality. However, that is a writing on the wall before us in the light of Daniel Pipes statements that even legal activities of "the Islamists are a challenge." [2] What does it mean? It means invitation to open fascism. When one is not considered fit even for legal activities, his place in the society becomes limited to a concentration camp or gas chamber.

Every package of fascism comes in phases. First come the labels. Then the classification, followed by the people that fit that specific classification and the pre-determined labels. Then come calls for marginalizing a people, even with their legal activities. Finally, those who have supported and accepted all these phases all along have to accept the extermination phase of the outcast as well.

In more realistic terms, Amina Wadud, her followers and promoters are nurturing the seeds of hatred sown by persons like Daniel Pipes. These progressives are simply ensuring future internment of large Muslim populations in the US and elsewhere.

For pogrom or all that happened in Germany in the 1930s to happen again need a mindset which the Islamophobes have already prepared to a great extent. The benighted progressives are simply consolidating it to the extent where another holocaust kind of action would not produce any reaction in favour of the untouchables at all.

The problem is extremely serious for the reason that to be considered as a “moderate” Muslim, one has to renounce parts of the Qur’an (See, such as such as rejection of the clear commands about inheritance (Al-Qur’an 4:11-14, 4:33, 4:176), court testimony (Al-Qur’an 2:282) and even Riba (Al-Qur’an 2:275-76, 278-79; 3:130; 4:161; 30:39).

There reason Daniel Pipes should not be considered as a bigot is that he he just speaks openly on the issues on which others like Thomas Friedman would limit to beating around the bush, despite being more fascist in their inner beliefs than Pipes.

It can be seen from their equal support extended to supporting and promoting persons like Manji as “moderates.” (See Friedman’s latest column: “Brave, Young and Muslim,” N.Y Times, March 03, 2005.)

This is not a time for Muslims to remain silent and ignore Islamophobes as bigots, not worthy to respond to, and the “progressives” as unimportant. These are the people who are paving the way towards mainstream fascism: a time when pogrom of Muslims would not generate any sympathy or reaction in their favour.

The "progressive" and "moderate" Muslims hardly realise that they will be equally consumed with the rest of Muslims (who are moderate by default) in the fire they are inflaming at the cost of fulfilling their petty self-interests.

It would be just the matter of first or last, which brings us back to the Qur’anic prediction that you can never please such Islamophobes unless you leave your religion for them (Al-Qur’an 2:120). That is what the standards set for the “moderates” demand of all Muslims.

In my little humble opinion, it’s time that Muslims started to actually make it known without fear that unless you completely follow the Qur’an and Hadith ONLY, you are not a Muslim; and that the FOLLOWERS of Islam are NOT to pay attention to those who reject parts of the Qur’an and pick portions of it that suit their borrowed-from-Islamophobes mantra to intentionally or unintentionally try to undermine Islam.

I used the word TRY, because they will NEVER succeed in such designs irrespective of the impending pogroms and holocausts.


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