Only Democracy in the Middle East?


It is amazing that Zionist propaganda can claim that the state of Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East” and can invoke the argument that freedom in Israel is such that opposition can express itself in the press and even in the street.

But it must never be forgotten that this freedom is tolerated only within the Jewish establishment. “Israeli Democracy” involves a fundamental discrimination, as in all the colonialist countries where the “white man” resided alone.

This strange “Israeli Democracy” can be compared to the American democracy which proclaimed in its Declaration of Independence the equality of all men, while retaining for a century the slavery of the Blacks (delicately referred to as “the peculiar institution”) and the hunting down of Indians, who were massacred or driven away so that their land may be taken over.

Israel is indeed a democracy except for its “Blacks” and its “Indians”, whom the fundamental laws of Israel delicately refer to as the “non -Jewish population”, meaning the Palestinians, both Muslims and Christians.

Which disenfranchised South African can ever forget the words of the architects and perpetrators of apartheid who reported ad nauseam that apartheid South Africa was the only democracy in Africa?