Oil: The Jugular Vein!


True to global inkling, the United States-prima facie overlooking the bona fide mind-set of the peace-loving billions, dwelling on this planet-n’  setting aside a pragmatic testimony of Hans Blix before the UN Security Council-is obdurate vis-é-vis the diagram, it has sketched out for a cataclysmic crusade against Iraq ‘at all costs.’  The fact is eye-catching from the importunate avowals of President Bush who seems all set even to the point of liquefying the world body-the United Nations, if the new-fangled resolution-based on his acuity-is snubbed one way or the other.

The dazzling head of the solo super-power does not feel disinclined even to aver that the United States would go along with its schema-to ram the perilous ‘gifts’ via its potent jets for the guiltless populous of Iraq, which is already gazed with atypical ill-fated scenario [due to callous sanctions]-visibly never viewed by any nation ever even in the ancient times. Scanning through the index of history-the factuality shall float up before the erudite Bush that the US has-by now-attained no aromatic goal despite Washington’s blitzkrieg on manifold soils-explicitly in Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan plus parts of Gulf. In a way the US has grossed nothing except emotions of odium from every track. Saddam Hussein is just an individual [and is to quit the apex chair like anyone else one-day]-whose outlook has-apparently-been illustrated in-depth in the Blix story which unveils the magnitude of his collaboration even to the extent of missiles’ obliteration without any disinclination. So why to affix him as a target-the catastrophic impact of which shall limit not alone with his people but would-eventually-travel beyond oceanic-virtually world-wide. Isn’t a reality? The finest course-may it be a lust for oil-is to get into a dialogue with Iraq-touching the zeniths to grip a longed ambition-specifically in the 21st century epoch that disgusts all types of skirmishes-which would fetch nothing except a glum for the generations to come around the world- now literally turned into a global village.

The US-led fight against terrorism-in all its forms and manifestations needs to go on in the best interest of humanity-yet without any bigotry. With this insight, why doesn’t Washington focus its quivering guns, thriving vessels n’ dominant bombers towards India-which has unleashed a reign of state terrorism in the illegally, illegitimately and unlawfully held part of the Jammu & Kashmir State-and that too flagrantly violating the universally-accepted resolutions of the United Nations? Are these commitments, made with the people of the Himalayan State-since the past five decades-less significant than the resolution number 1441 on Iraq? So what is the hitch to act against the New Delhi warlords-are they exempted from stringent sanctions? Back to Iraq, it is an apposite time for   the US to eschew pursuing its draft that fixes the deadline of   March 17 asking President Saddam ‘to disarm or face military action.’  Russia, France, Germany and China have, on the other hand, discarded the amended resolution and vowed to slab it-perceptibly through a hefty veto.

The US cut-off date for Iraq to deactivate or get ready to visage a military stroke is totally gratuitous and unfair in the face of the nonstop demolition of al-Samoud II missiles and other rudiments having even secluded leeway of their use as weapons under the UN Security Council resolution. Bush’s caveat to initiate sorties on Iraq even without the UNSC’s authorization, paradoxically, symbolizes his total derision to the international opinion, which has ad nauseam resisted US military designs against Baghdad. It’s fetid like Hitler’s smugness to invade Moscow despite worldwide point of view to the contrary. It seems that President Bush is following a dubious path by ignoring the international opposition to war against Baghdad. What does, after all, he wants from Iraq now when its military muscle poses no danger to any of its neighbour, especially Washington’s darling-Israel.  As far Iraq, its’ people are deflated and its Forces are ill-equipped. It’s willingly annihilating its loved missiles. What is, as a result, left that Bush wants Iraq to disarm? If Iraq has any fixed or clandestine arsenal-which in his opinion-Saddam Hussein has so far been able to camouflage from the UN avid inspectors, he should come out with exact information and cajole the world community about Baghdad’s failure to act in accordance with SC’s germane resolution–the 1441.

Plausibly, Bush is playing lion and lamb story with Iraq-despite the fact that it is certainly not polluting water. He is acting as an international ruffian in his envy for Iraqi oil-which can be accomplished through an apt treaty, as is the global practice on multiple identical accords. Any way, France, Germany, Russia and China are indubitably playing a vital role to restrain Washington from attacking Iraq. They ought to carry on their weight inexorably to save Iraqi people from extinction-in meticulous n’ the Arab states in broad-spectrum. At the same time it is mandatory for the Muslim countries to erect optimal unity amongst their ranks-at least for the perpetuity of Ummah, lest they are faced with such a pose-if the US bangs with a gusto to clutch its venomous goal with an ambush on the Iraqi domain-because with such a toxic milieu Washington shall be too close to their jugular vein- the Oil.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.