Proposed U.N. Resolutions

In order to maintain any (or even regain partial) credibility of the U.N. in the context of a potential unilateral military aggression by the U.S. and British governments against Iraq, which would be in violation of the U.N. and international law and a threat to the Iraqi people, the U.N. needs to have ready the following resolutions:

temporary removal of the U.S. and British governments from the U.N. including the Security Council. (Removal from the U.N. may be indefinitely depending on the conduct of the U.S. and British governments.)

sanction U.N. military action based on the collective military might of the U.N.’s members against the U.S. and British militaries in Iraq. The U.N. military action will take the form of direct military action against U.S. and British forces in self-defense of the U.N. (including its members) and Iraq, and peace keeping operations inside of Iraq.

begin war crimes proceedings against U.S. and British representatives involved in the U.S. and British governments’ unilateral military aggression.

cease U.N. supported economic sanctions against Iraq.

provide (wartime) humanitarian aid and services to the Iraqi people.

If the U.N. fails to stand up to the U.S. and British governments’ unilateral aggression, the U.N. will face its outright powerlessness, insignificance, and possibly its end. The notion of (unilateral) might is right will prevail.

Mr. Stephen Garvey is a philosopher and writer, and publisher for Inexpressible Publications who resides in Canada.

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