Nuclear war time frame

Mr. Agha Shahi the ablest Foreign Minister of Pakistan has rightly advised Pakistan not to sign CTBT unilaterally, specially when India is not prepared to sign it and not only that but United States has also refused to sign it. Then why on earth Pakistan is being pressurized to sign CTBT? Not only one member of the nuclear club has signed it. Do the comity of nations in G-7 want to remove Pakistan from the map of the world. Pakistan being the only nuclear power in the Islamic bloc is probably in the opinion of the members of G-7 a potential threat. Will the members of G-7 allay the fears of Pakistan as to why no pressure is being brought on India to sign the CTBT and also United States, the main champion of CTBT who is also reluctant to sign it.

Mr. Nayar Zaidi a columnist from Washington has very ably pointed out the threats facing Pakistan at the moment in his column in daily Jang of 29th March 2001, he has laid great stress on an article by Robert D. Blackwill, who is being considered for appointment as American Ambassador to India, published in August 2000, in which he has suggested the possibility of a nuclear war between a strong India and a weak Pakistan. This will lead to a holocaust in South Asia and may engulf the whole of Asia and wipe out Pakistan completely, which is already on the threshold of being a failed state.

According to Mr. Nayar Zaidi the world powers called as such led by United States may give only lip service to their erstwhile strategic partner namely Pakistan but may not be helpful as they were not while Indo-Pakistan war of 1971 was being waged. As a matter of fact the then American Ambassador Mr. Mc. Farland was present in Dacca at the time of emergence of Bangladesh. This suited the strategic plan of President Nixon of United States. Indara Gandhi was in full bloom to dismember West Pakistan when President Nixon phoned Mr. Brezhnave of USSR, that relationship of the super power will be at stake if India does not cease-fire on the western front, this is how the super powers vested interest works in promoting their own interest in world politics. Mr. Nayar Zaidi calls it that the super powers only avoided the issues involved in the Indo-Pakistan war. In fact they did not avoid the issues; they were involved in promoting their interest even at the cost of their partner in strategic planning. SEATO and CENTO were all scraps of paper at the demand of the interest of the superior partner, even the seventh fleet of United States Navy lay anchored in Bay of Bengal and did not come to the rescue of the strategic partner of US.

The latest US attempt to withdraw from global warming treaty ( Kyoto) is a case in point which proves that US policies have always been pragmatic and not based on any policy or principle. As a matter of policy the non-American nations should unite to isolate America. United State should be forced to live in a world of Americans only. Let us have a UN & WTO and IMF & World Bank without the Americans. It is time now that the world power be cut to its size in order to let the other nations of the world to live in peace and tranquility and not under subjugation of United States. Karl Marx rightly stressed the importance of the Proletariat by writing in his famous book é Das Capital that a capitalist with all the amenities of life but without the worker would not be able to live in peace. This is what the United States is, they want to convert the rest of the world into proletariat and rule them through their capital and the Jew fund managers acting their advisors.

USSR met its doom due to its own imperialist designs and arms buildup, their co-sharer in power USA were always ready to furnish Russian arsenal with sophisticated and most modern fire arms. This led to the doom of USSR and not communism, which still thrives in Peoples Republic of China.

The Iraq Iran war is a case in example of the super powers in the world politics, it was in the interest of United States that Iran Iraq fights to the finish and leave the Middle East arena free for Israel a protégé of America. Since the fall of the Shah, Iran has been an eye sore for United State and allies, to them also arms were sold by America through Israeli conduit, this is how politics runs, nobody is a friend of any body, is the keynote of foreign policy of America and their allies. Islamic bloc, yet another eyesore for America should make a note of it.

Five years time frame is not very far distant and the rulers should awake and arise and comprehend the dangers which is glaring in the face of the nation and the country instead of harping on empty slogans in a bid to buildup the morale of a down trodden nation. This is not the time to play the flute on musical chairs and get busy in political maneuvering leading to nowhere.

Pakistan celebrates 14th August as Independence day, has any ruler tried to tell the nation about the correct situation as prevailing in Pakistan today, specially when they are sunk deep upto the ears into the debts from IMF and World Bank, who themselves are the fiscal agencies of United State. As the news is full one floor of the State Bank is occupied by the IMF & World Bank and all policies emanating from State Bank is directed by the World Bank and IMF team and not by the Governor State Bank, this is the position in Ministry of Finance also.

KPT is also not free from the clutches of US, there is full one birth reserved for the American ships which are loaded and unloaded without the intervention of Pakistan Customs. This is our Independence, the British masters have handed over in 1947 to the American masters, and the difference is that we have a President and a Prime Minister. Now we have a titular Head of the State who did not exist before 14th August 1947.

The General has very ably snatched the reins of power from an American lackey Mian Nawaz Sharif and the nation now urges him to snatch these powers to rule Pakistan from America itself, after all there are nations who thrive on the face of the this earth without American doles. The nation is prepared to survive provided there is some one to lead to the national goals, the crises in Pakistan has never been of men and material and it has always been and it is even now the crisis of leadership. Our political leaders are a saleable commodity; this has been a curse right from day one.

So far as Kashmir is concerned wait and see and sustain with military vigilance. India is bound to come to the negotiating table and will honour the United Nations resolutions not today but tomorrow will be the day, only sincerity of purpose and honesty is required.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.