Newsw eek Takes A Ride On Sharon’s Lap



Newsweek’s Lally Weymouth must have been taking a ride on Ariel Sharon’s lap when she asked him the following question: Shouldn’t President Bush warn the Palestinian Authority that the United States will break off relations if it doesn’t stop the terror? The folks at the Washington Post company, which owns Newsweek, always feel the need to give a little assist to their favorite war criminal.

The Yiddish dominated American mass media industry is on a major publicity blitz to make sure that Israeli repression in the occupied territory proceeds without any adverse publicity. That goes a long way to explain why George Bush, who has Ashcroft lobbying full time for special war crime tribunals for Afghanistan, gave the red carpet treatment to this Israeli thug who has a record stretching from Qibya to Sabra and Shatila.

Since the terrorist assaults of 911, the Israeli army has murdered nearly 200 Palestinians. That went unnoticed by the White House which has a political calculator that only tallies innocent Israeli victims. Killing innocent Palestinians is not something that bothers men like George Bush or Colin Powell. If the price of reducing Israeli belligerency requires a clash with the Yiddish supremacists at the Washington Post and the New York Times, George Bush will mind his own big business and give Sharon a green light to intensify the repression.

Every time I hear Bush talk about the ‘fight for freedom’, I know exactly what he means. He means the struggle to give the sadistic Ariel Sharon all the room to inflict severe and damaging pain to the native people of Palestine. He means the freedom of the United States to govern the people of the Middle East like some giant Texas oil field.

Now, you might ask yourself why George Bush and Colin Powell are so indifferent to the Palestinian struggle for freedom. What possible harm could a free Palestinian people pose to American security interests? What compelling American national interest demands that a president of these United States grovel in the presence of a filthy war criminal like Ariel Sharon? Maybe Collin Powell has never heard of what Sharon did at Qibya. Maybe George Bush Junior never consulted George Bush Senior on Ariel Sharon’s crimes in Sabra and Shatila. I doubt it.

Maybe the Yiddish media lords have collective amnesia or their reporters get sudden spells of mental retardation in the presence of Ariel Sharon? Israeli political spin artists get more air time on CNN and FOX than the combined political leadership of the rest of the planet. If Australian political leaders appeared with such frequency, we would all be speaking like Crocodile Dundee. And who does CNN designate to ‘interview’ Barak and Perez and Netenyahu? How about Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, Jeff Greenburg and Aaron Brown. And when the Israeli leaders are unavailable, because they have an interview with FOX or MSNBC, there is always the designated ‘American’ substitutes like Thomas Friedman, William Safire and Howard Fineman. Now, for a quick quiz. Name the foreign minister of Canada or Mexico. How about the Prime Minister of Spain or the President of Argentina or Algeria. How about the Prime Minister of India. You can thank the Yiddish supremacists at CNN who think world affairs are just about the dynamics of Israeli-American relations.

Now, ask yourself this. How is it that Israeli leaders get so much air time and CNN and the New York Times. Yet, with all this exposure, American ‘journalists’ can still gloss over the brutal racist repression of the native sons of the Holy Land.

The fact is that American Yiddish journalists and Publishers are active advocates of repression. There is a long tradition there. They play Israel’s song of the day like fiddlers on the roof. This is not a tradition that they can easily walk away from. Every day of the week, every week of the year, they have to run cover for war criminals like Ariel Sharon. It is part of their mission statement to fully comply with the foreign policy of the State of Israel. Otherwise, they have serious problems.

Some of the serious problems include: If they start telling the truth today, they will also have to explain the lie they told yesterday. After decades of posing as ‘progressive liberals’, they will have to come out of the closet and admit to their fetish for brutal police state repression. If they appear to be divided, many goy intellectuals might get a spine and start asking for diversity in ownership and management of mass media properties. Tell that to Isner at Disney or Sulzberger at the New York Times. To a very large extent, the American media industry is an ethnic affair. All the non-Yiddish players in the industry understand that all too well and know that the road to a short career is doing anything foolish like standing up for the liberty of Palestinians.

Every major American media conglomerate has actively participated in covering up Ariel Sharon’s war crimes. It takes a major well-coordinated effort for a PR campaign of this magnitude. Outside some sporadic coverage in the alternative press, there has been virtually zero leakage of Sharon’s crimes at Qibya and Sabra and Shatila. At the head of this campaign are the two major ‘national’ newspaper empires that vie for the title of ‘paper of record’; The New York Times and The Washington Post and their assorted media properties. These are the same media institutions that successfully managed to hound Waldhiem out of the United Nations and made another obscure Austrian politician, Hyder, a household name.

These are extraordinary times in the history of our common planet. The United States has once again demonstrated its military ability to project its will in a distant land that most Americans hardly knew existed. The Taliban are now another page in the history books. Bin Ladin will follow. No doubt, part of this exercise was to send a clear message of invincibility to those who would dare attack Americans on their native soil.

Yet many questions about why things got this crazy cannot be asked. Our political class knows that, even if invincible, we are still very vulnerable. They knew that before the events of 911. Yet they felt free to gamble with our national security and our collective peace of mind to appease the Israel Firsters who have the first and last word on Middle East policies.

George Bush knew he was throwing the dice one more time when he gave a carte blanche to Ariel Sharon. é Bush and Colin Powell and Rumsfeld are acutely aware that America has made cruel enemies out of thin air to appease a foreign lobby. According to their political calculus, it is a much safer bet than taking a stand against the Yiddish supremacists who dominate the Fourth Estate. All they have to do is read the pro-Sharon petitions from our morally compromised Senators. So, once again, national security is back to being another round of moves on a giant Risk board. You can thank the Yiddish supremacists for these disastrous public policies. They are a very patriotic bunch, especially when it comes to the State of Israel. Which media wizard gets the next ride on Sharon’s lap? Hop on and Arik will tell you the lie of the day.

Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).