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Arab Americans and Law Enforcement: Rights at Risk

"I have long argued that Arabs and Muslims were the weak link in America's civil liberty chain. When the rights of vulnerable minority groups are threatened, we must demand a halt to abuse. It is worrisome that in the post-9/11 era the challenge to constitutional rights has often been met with silence -- because it was Arabs and Muslims who were the targets. What we have failed to recognize is that if the rights to assemble, to speak freely, to be secure from unwarranted search, and to be guaranteed due process are put at risk for any group, then these rights may ultimately be threatened for all Americans."

Despicable Hypocrisy of Congressman Peter King

"It would be foolish to say that no terrorist threat exists in the United States. Surely, they do exist. However, the more complex and worthy issue of threats to the nation come not from radical American Muslims but from a wide array of homegrown militants that law enforcement officials must deal with -- from neo-Nazi militias to wannabe Christian jihadists....King behaves like a drooling, fixated hound-dog on scent: other crucial disasters may be happening all around him, but his eyes and nose are locked onto the imaginary American Muslim radicals."

U.S. War Crimes in Kandahar

"As we have witnessed before with Abu Ghraib, rogue foot soldiers like Gibbs and Morlock are now investigated for their war crimes in Kandahar. However, as long as those on the top, the likes of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, and Rice continue to escape justice for their war crimes, and formulating laws and policies that laid down the very foundation for such horrendous crimes, we won’t be surprised to see or hear resurrection of the old crimes over and over again....If the USA and its allies in the western world are serious about stopping such war crimes from ever repeating in the future, they need to either try those evil ones that dehumanized those soldiers to bring out the worst evil in them the same way the Khmer Rouge leaders are now tried or send them to the World Court to face justice. Only then shall we be spared of the crimes of Calley and Gibbs."

Our Path

"Profiling, and the dangerous conflation of immigration policy and national security policy, took many forms in the post-9/11 era. From the initial roundup of over 1,200 Arab and Muslim immigrants, the call-ups of 5,000 and then 3,000 Arab immigrants and visitors, to the NSEERS program, a badly conceived, poorly planned and arbitrarily implemented effort."

Another Erosion of the Fourth Amendment

"It might offend our sense of justice to see criminals get away, despite clear proof of their guilt, simply because of a police error. But this is true not only of negligent searches but ones where the police break down doors knowing full well they have no legal right to. The exclusionary rule is an important check on the abuse of state power, and although it lets the occasional guilty party off, it has given the innocent a deal of protection from arbitrary violations of their privacy."



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