Namangan’s hardworking, active, educated residents deserve a good life

Namangan’s hardworking, active, educated residents deserve a good life


With participation of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a meeting was held in Namangan with khokims of the region and districts, heads of industries and public representatives.

Activities being carried out in Namangan region in poverty reduction, employment of graduates of education institutions, increasing incomes of the population were deeply analyzed at the meeting, urgent tasks were also identified.

Today, identifying and activating the region’s growth centers and thereby increasing the wellbeing of the population are the most important condition for ongoing economic reforms. The President paid special attention to the work that should be carried out in the region in this direction.

In particular, industry, small and medium-sized business, handicrafts and services can act as drivers for the region’s economic development and revenue growth. Namangan has gained extensive experience in these spheres. Accordingly, officials were instructed to provide employment for more than 12 thousand unemployed members of low-income families through the development of entrepreneurship, to bring these families out of poverty before the end of the year.

In particular, 2 thousand people will return to work after the resumption of the activities of 600 entrepreneurs in trade and services.

The Head of the state noted that a program for development of the service sector in the context of districts and cities is being developed for the region, 80 billion UZS will be allocated for these projects.

In addition, another 100 billion UZS will be allocated for these purposes. 2.3 trillion UZS will be directed to providing working capital to entrepreneurs whose revenue decreased due to quarantine, 350 billion UZS will be allocated this year for the development of family business.

Tasks have been set for development of the jewelry industry in the region, creation of a modern jewelry center in Namangan, which in 2 years will create 4 thousand new jobs and in which unemployed youth will master the jewelry craft on the principle “master – apprentice”.

In 2020-2021, measures will be taken for comprehensive development of Chartak district, the development of 3000 hectares of unused land, planting crops, suitable for local soil and climatic conditions.

1953 projects worth 16.3 trillion UZS will be implemented in the region, 55 thousand new jobs will be created. In particular, this year it is planned to carry out 1652 projects worth 8.3 trillion UZS and create 35 thousand new jobs.

Today, famous European brands are paying more attention to Namangan costumes. Therefore, land is allocated for large textile enterprises, a transition is made to the deep processing of cotton and production of finished products.

The President emphasized that cotton-textile clusters should work worthy of this attention, increase incomes and provide people with jobs.

It is planned to implement promising projects in the region in breeding rabbits, beekeeping, animal husbandry and poultry farming. In particular, it is planned to build greenhouses in 4806 houses in Namangan region, to implement 84 livestock projects worth 386 billion UZS by the end of the year.

So, 13 thousand heads of pedigree cattle and as many sheep and goats will be imported and distributed to households of Pap and Chust districts from abroad. New capacities will be launched for processing 10 thousand tons of milk and thousand tons of meat per year.

At the meeting, tasks were identified for building housing, infrastructure, providing drinking water, developing education and culture, attracting funds from international financial institutions, expanding investment projects for construction of new enterprises and increasing exports.

The population of Namangan region is increasing every year. This increases the burden on socio-economic infrastructure, complicates the management of the region. In this regard, the President proposed to restore Davlatabad district as part of the city of Namangan.

“Namangan’s hardworking, active, educated residents deserve a good life. The state will use all possibilities to ensure it”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev concluded.

At the event, reports of deputy prime ministers, ministers, officials of the economic complex and khokims were heard.

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