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Canada’s election–stupid is as stupid does

Canadians, in droves, turned up their noses at democracy, choosing a party that has attacked it at every turn. These voters made their electoral decision with one hand holding their wallets and the other flailing around from their eyes to their ears, willfully shutting out the endless evidence that it is the people, and not just Parliament, that Harper holds in contempt. -- Ethan Baron,  columnist and new Canadian citizen

The prisoners’ case, a reflection on the conflict

"Palestinians are looking for the day when all prisoners are released not in an exchange that is forced on Israel but rather as a result of making the wrong right, ending the occupation and allowing for an independent Palestinians state alongside a safe and secure Israel."

Paradise is at the feet of Mothers

"Each of us should appreciate what we have in our mothers. They are our teachers and our role models. Every day with them is an opportunity to grow as a person. Every day away from them is a missed opportunity."

U.S. Federal Mandate, Moral Values and Conservation

"It takes no special skill or intelligence to liquidate valuable natural resources into cash. It takes skill and thought and care and commitment to say no to endless liquidation."

"Who Needs a Jewish State?" – Inquiring Minds want to Know

"...I am flabbergasted that this degree of racism is sanctioned by the guardians of democracy in the 21st century."



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