Jewish citizens of Israel vote with their feet

Whats going on in the land of “milk and honey”? Why are hundreds of Israelis turning their backs on the “promised land” by dumping their privileged citizenship in favour of other countries?

These questions while being investigated by many analysts are also becoming a source of great embarrassment for pro-Israeli lobby groups.

Some forthright commentators have offered the view that Jews are less secure in Israel than in other countries. They suggest that the racist ideological underpinning of the Jewish state –” Zionism –” is responsible for the instability within Israel. Their explanation is elementary material which most students of political science would understand without any difficulty: COLONIAL PROJECTS REMAIN UNSUSTAINABLE, INSECURE AND INDEFENSIBLE!

Yet it appears that propagandists for Israel are bent on swimming against the tide of critical public opinion which is characterized by hugely popular solidarity campaigns against Israel. More important is the fact that these lobby groups, not satisfied with their dismal performance, are once again seeking to wield the axe of ‘anti-semitism’ to attack anti-Israeli comment.

Radical efforts by Zionist groups to stem a growing body of public sympathy for Palestinian suffering at the hands of a brutal right-wing regime led by a warmonger Ariel Sharon, includes seeking international acceptance for a wider definition of ‘anti-semitism’, through conferences under the aegis of the United Nations.

This is also extended by lobbyists to individual countries in Europe and the developing world. In the case of South Africa for instance, the issue of ‘anti-semitism’ has been raised by the Jewish Board of Deputies with President Mbeki. All these campaigns do not however detract from the fact that Israel is losing Jewish support.

According to AFP, as many as 600,000 Israeli Jews have emigrated or become permanent citizens in North America, Australia or Europe since the beginning of the second intifada.

This amounts to a steady monthly average stream of 12500 leaving the land of ‘milk and honey’ in search of greener pastures elsewhere.

This vote of no confidence expressed by more than a million feet, representing a substantial chunk of Israeli Jews –” more than 10% of the population –” has become a new nightmare for the Sharon regime. Coupled with the fact that Palestinians are still denied their very basic and fundamental human rights, both in the Occupied Territories as well as in historic Palestine, demographics has turned into a new weapon of resistance.

Hence, any form of racist bigotry against Jews outside Israel remains useful for Zionist political goals. Anti-semitism or incitement of hatred against Jews cannot therefore be seen as adding any value to the just cause of Palestine.