Israeli kleptocracy endangers every American

"Israel has quietly seized large tracts of Jerusalem owned by Palestinian residents of the West Bank after they were but off from their property by Israel’s separation barrier…

— Jerusalem, January 23, 2005 – Associated Press

Despite all of the good deeds performed by Americans, the United States Government is the most hated in the world, not the least because America’s resources have been placed under the control of the kleptocracy in Tel Aviv doing business as the government of “Israel.”

The latest act of thievery by the Israeli kleptocracy (it is affording this gang of murderers and thieves too much dignity to call them a “government”) has been the wholesale theft of Palestinian lands using the construction of a “security fence” as a pretext to steal land on one side of the fence from its lawful owners who are fenced out on the other side of the barrier.

I have been watching this scandal percolate for the past few days, initially in the pages of Haaretz, a respected Israeli newspaper; then in pro-peace Israeli commentaries in response, such as that of Yossi Beilen condemning the annexations; and now by the stunned silence and shock in Washington.

No doubt the malignant Soviet refugee Anatoli Sharansky will soon rise to the crescendo of calling the condemnation of Israeli land thievery “anti-Semitism.” There is nothing anti-Semitic in condemning the blatant thievery and contempt for humanity of the Israeli kleptocracy.

Imagine if you will a situation where the local government cuts off your back yard with a fence, using the false pretext that the fence is being placed there to prevent you from committing unlawful acts on an adjacent properties. Then the government takes away your backyard and legally confiscates your land saying you “abandoned” it when they built the fence. That is what the Israelis are attempting to accomplish.

It is as though I built a fence around Donald Trump’s property and then claimed Trump “abandoned” his land and I own it (nice work if you can get it). I think I will build a security barrier around a bank, and claim I own the money in the vault. My acts would be just as preposterous as the Israeli kleptocracy’s latest scam.

This scheme is so pathetic that it makes one wonder whether the Sharon-Sharansky kleptocrats have lost their minds. They can’t even steal straight any more.

Of course this latest act of kleptomania comes in the wake of Vice President Dick Cheney’s claim last week that Israel’s young men have now become George Bush’s official storm troopers, and that we can eagerly await an attack on Iran by Israelis in the de facto employ of the United States. Iran, of course, like the victims of the land theft, has attacked no one. But an American-inspired Israeli attack on Persia will be the doom of Israel.

Why innocent Americans must be die in the Middle East to protect this Israeli thievery is beyond me. We have been lied to, drugged and rendered senseless by the propaganda of the Bush administration, and now we are being promised Israelis will fight America’s dirty wars. We can all sit back and relax and let Ariel Sharon steal property from innocent victims of Israeli kleptocracy as his paycheck. For shame.

Of course, the Israelis have been stealing land for over fifty (50) years, and no one has done anything to stop them. So maybe they think they can get away with it again. Unfortunately, George Bush has mortgaged the decency and prestige of the American people behind the murderers and thieves in the Tel Aviv mafia doing business as the Israeli government.

What is interesting about the latest Israeli theft is the way it has focused attention on how these crooks have systematically looted Palestinian property for decades. The Israeli state has stolen thousands of acres of Palestinian property using tricks and technicalities all of which were imposed on an innocent and unwilling population. My guess is that when the Israeli mafia is finally smashed, all of this ill-gotten loot will be returned to is lawful owners.

One of the basic principles of the common law is that a thief acquires no lawful title to his stolen loot. Israelis take notice. It took American Indians over 100 years to begin to receive just compensation for the theft of their lands; we are still paying the bill, and the U. S. Government is still in court. Palestinians will eventually obtain justice; it is just painfully slow in coming.

One day the United States will again be attacked because of fanatics who are driven to commit acts of terrorism by America’s own acts of terrorism, notably support for the Israeli junta. What George Bush & Co. are endorsing in Palestine–the wholesale theft of land from an innocent population–are as much war crimes and violations of international law as those we accuse the former Iraqi regime of committing.

Is it any wonder the world hates “Israel,” and increasingly hates the United States? I think not. There are thousands of Americans and helpless, innocent Israeli citizens who are being held hostage by the antics of the Bush-Sharon hegemony. Those who support peace and justice for two peoples find their efforts to create a peaceful and prosperous Middle East frustrated. By making peace impossible, Bush-Sharon make war inevitable, a war that America and Israel can only lose.

America’s own legitimacy, and all of our good deeds, are undermined and ultimately nullified when we endorse the atrocities of Ariel Sharon and Anatoli Sharansky. There are none so blind as those who will not see, none so deaf as those who will not hear.

President Bush are you listening? Young Americans are dying because of your delusions, your misguided policies and your support for Israeli greed and aggression. Stop the insanity before it stops us.

America has become its own worst enemy, except for the Israeli kleptocracy that increasingly endangers every American. The ultimate insurgency that must be defeated is the pro-Israel insurgency within the U. S. Government.