Bush Administration Shamed by Venezuelan Democracy

It should be no big surprise that Condoleeza Rice could find nothing good to say about President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela or the politics of that country in her recent confirmation hearings. Rice, a foreign policy protector of President George W. Bush, is shamed by the beautiful expression of democracy in Venezuela, resulting in the overwhelming confirmation of legitimacy of President Chavez, which stands in stark contrast to the willful suppression of democracy, by the Bush cabal.

President Chavez was rewarded with a landslide victory by Venezuelan voters because of his support of the underclass, the neglected, and the needy in Venezuelan society. Chavez has earned the ire of the greedy for aiding the needy. Chavez has enacted programs to aid the needy at the expense of Venezuela’s greedy. Chavez has withstood U.S.-backed attempts to drive him from power because the U.S. ALWAYS supports the greedy at the expense of the needy, and often seeks to drive populist rulers from power who follow the opposite course. Just ask President Aristide of Haiti.

On the other hand, George W. Bush and his political supporters attempted with great success to suppress expression of democracy by the American underclass, the neglected, and the needy in places like Ohio and Florida in the past two U.S. presidential elections. The underclass was purged from voter rolls. The needy were challenged regarding their eligibility to vote at the polls, resulting in their being forced to vote on provisional ballots that were discarded or not counted. Bush’ Brain engineered campaign and election tactics designed to disenfranchise the underclass so that they could not express their franchise by voting in national elections.

As a result, Venezuela’s poor and needy are experiencing the good of democracy, while America’s underclass are experiencing exploitation and intentional neglect because of the suppression of democracy in America at polling time. America’s underclass is scorned and held in derision by the ruling class, as if their needs and desires are irrelevant — just witness the spoken remarks at the Congressional challenge to the electoral vote in Ohio.

However, rather than confess to shame, Condoleeza Rice, true to character, resorts to character assassination of President Chavez in order to save face. Rice’ tactic of lying under oath is nothing new. The gullible may actually believe her, because America’s gullible public is easily deceived and rarely has access to accurate information.

Much of the world now understands the feeble nature of American democracy. Much of the world now understands that any apparent altruism by America is always conditional — we will help you if it is perceived in our interest, and we will harm you if that is perceived to be in our interest. America does no good in this world based on principle, except for the principle of self-interest.

America’s government never practices genuine altruism, real mercy, or bona fide honesty. America’s treatment of Venezuela and its President Hugo Chavez demonstrates clearly how America views democracy. If America and President Bush were subject to a sense of shame, shame would be high. But, unfortunately, such is not the case. Democracy in America is a charade, and Venezuela’s democracy shames the U.S.