Go East, Oh Muslims, Not West

No issue so demonstrates the Un-Islamic, political, and economic impotence, fear, and intimidation of the Arab and Muslim world than the decades long suffering, occupation, ethnic cleansing, murder, home demolitions, continued building of illegal settlements, diversion of water for swimming pools, and the current collective punishment of Gaza deprived of water, electricity, food, and medical care than the Palestinians under Israel’s boot since 1948 while the 1.4 billion Muslims are silent and fighting each other. Muslims have abandoned the Qur’an and the Prophet’s teaching in search of modernism, progressiveness, and alleged intellectual enlightenment. Muslims have accepted the indoctrination that religion is primitive thought and a shackle to progress. So what has this "modernistic, humanistic" approach produced for the Muslim world? Nothing but occupation, humiliation, racism, more illiteracy, unemployment, civil conflicts, death, and a backward trend in all national indicators. Tragically, however, Muslims still maintain their subservience and corruptive emotional attachment and obedience to their "leaders" unwilling to part with them for desperate reforms. Our leaders fear their own people and their Muslim "brothers" in other nations hence the hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons they are incapable of using while to protect their own thrones and chairs send billions of aid to American Katrina victims while sending crumbs to besieged and hungry Palestinians or to the Pakistani victims of the earthquake, or to the Muslim victims of the Tsunami. How selfish and embarrassing that Westerners send more aid to these Muslims than Muslims themselves. While Muslims get sick and die for lack of heath care our “leaders” worthy of sacrifice, May Allah (swt) preserve them seek health care for a cough in the world’s best hospitals.

How tragic that our hypocritical "intellectuals" who criticize the Muslim world have themselves adopted and imitated the modernism of the west, our occupiers, as a model for Muslim reform, a reform that seeks to separate Muslims from Islam, the faith of their unity and salvation.

While Palestinians are dying our leaders are vacationing and running for "election". While Palestinians are dying our "free" Arab media is more focused on the World Cup and Celebrity gossip than the shedding of Muslim blood. How tragic that westerners show more care, sensitivity, and activism toward the Palestinians than Muslims themselves.

How long must Muslim blood be shed while Muslims are silent? How long will our "oil" that enriches the rich, not the poor Muslim populations, be diverted to our occupiers rather than invested in Muslim homes, schools, hospitals, roads, and Islamic teachings? Why are our streets so silent? Because Muslims are watching football and "Video Clips" imitating the moral decay in the West that Westerners themselves wish to abandon. How long will we beg for peace and deliverance from the very people who kill and occupy us rather than show the courage and will to uphold our faith and dignity?

Our “leaders” and Ummah must not believe in a Judgement Day, otherwise they would fear facing Allah’s (swt) accountability and questions on how they spent their lives and wealth.

Rest in peace, oh Muslim world, and let’s pray to Allah (swt) for a future generation that will find in Islam the modernistic intellectual and spiritual answer to our plight as demoralized individuals and humiliated nations.

Allah Akhbar (God is great) is the unifying theme and road to peace for Muslims not in the U.S.A.