Evidence or no evidence – We are living a real massacre


Evidence or no evidence Jenin is a massacre, the report issued by the United Nation about Jenin is a massacre of its own, when UN can not implement a minor resolution to investigate what happened in one of the long standing occupied village and towns, I am not speaking here about implementing a complete resolution about the people rights and the termination of the occupation, it is just about violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The massacre is greater then Jenin, Jenin is just the example of our life, when the whole world accept to equalize the freedom fighter and the killer. A long time ago, the entire world did recognize the right of the people under occupation to fight for their freedom by all means available with no limits, then having arms became a violation, later, teaching your children the right to fight the occupation and defend their right become a violation and terrorism.

When Sharon became the so called  “man of peace” and the people under the occupation become terrorist, when all this happened this became Bush’s era.

Bush should be consider the new Hitler, he dos not like the judgment, and the judge, what a democracy we are living? A Senator called the judge stupid and will change him; what a third world country he is creating in the USA!

The Bush regime vetoed extending the UN mission in Bosnia, because the world refused to give American killers immunity from the International Criminal Court. While in Bosnia there were an arm embargo, Israel  (USA’s twin) and some USA companies supplied Bosnian Serbs with arms.

Bush decided to change the Palestinian leader and did not rule out removing him, and decide to remove the Iraqi president by all means.

Is this part of the new alliance to control the world, USA, UK, Israel? And if so who is the leader of this show? And who is Hitler here? And which is the fourth country? 

I salute Mr. Lloyd Axworthy, Canada’s foreign affairs minister from 1996 to 2000, in his article “Stop the U.S. foul play” published in July 2002, he said:

 “éWe should be grateful to the Bush administration for its recent clumsy efforts to undermine the International Criminal Court”[é] “First, any illusion that the present U.S. administration might have a smidgeon of respect for international treaties or multilateral co-operation should be finally dispelled”[é]”The argument they made in demanding immunity from the ICC — that this was simply a way of protecting their peacekeepers — was a false one, and they know it”[é]”The antagonism of Washington’s current rulers toward the ICC, and their reason for disavowing the Clinton administration’s signature on the Rome Treaty, is that they do not want to be restrained by any limitation on their actions, including compliance with international criminal law.”[é]”it must be continued by our seeking to invoke the engagement of the UN General Assembly on this vital matter. The permanent five members have sought by a sneaky procedural device in the wording of the compromise resolution to keep the assembly out of the picture”[é]”The time has come to begin working toward the democratization of the Security Council by insisting that all members be elected. The UN cannot be credible when its decisions are so dominated by a small, unaccountable elite of states that do not represent the full interests of the world — especially when the Security Council’s permanent members use their privileged position to eviscerate the Charter of the United Nations.”

All our life became a massacre and a big lie, when they succeed in confusing us from the real issues. The real issue is the apartheid and the occupation that started since 1947 and before, the main issue is the violation of the human rights every where, by the USA, Zionism and whoever supports or stands with them. The real issue has been built up for a long time ago in Vietnam (70th), Guatemala (80th), Iraq (90th) and Afghanistan (now).

September 11 was a sad, cowardly act with out a single doubt, but creating another holocaust of out it is unacceptable. We have the right to know, but we will never know what happened since they decided to hide it forever, without presenting any evidence, and blocking any investigations, as in Jenin.

The UN’s report on the Jenin issue was a death certificate for a long dying organization, an organization that accepts to be controlled with the main evil of the twenty-first century. The UN story is similar to its member countries’ story, those who accepted to be controlled by the money and the power, those who sold themselves to evil.

Every single principal in our life has changed, killers became peacemakers and freedom fighters became terrorist. That assures us that we do not need any evidence to recognize Jenin’s massacre, yet it will be recognized one day beside its sisters, Dear Yaseen, Quana, Sabra and Shtila and others.  

Evidence or no evidence we are living a real massacre.

Mr. Mohamed S. Kamel is a Freelance writer in Montréal, Canada.