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Human Rights: Are They Universal?

"Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love." -- George Bernard Shaw It is tragic that civilized nations...

Pentagon: Wars used to train Global NATO Expeditionary Force

For high-end operations read wars....As the U.S. moves into new bases in the Asia-Pacific region and deploys more warships and warplanes to the Middle East, it can count on NATO to police Europe, the Mediterranean - North Africa and the western Middle East - the Horn of Africa and the South Caucasus on its behalf....NATO has secured a mobile, integrated, combat-tested global expeditionary force for the West."

India, Pakistan, Kashmir and Arms Race

"...the United States should urge the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon to appoint a epical envoy on Kashmir. More importantly, the United States should insist on the inclusion of genuine representatives of the Kashmiri people at the negotiating table. It is their political destiny and human rights which are at stake, and no solution that fails to command their consent will endure. That same reasoning explains the United States support for Sinn Fein representatives in the Northern Ireland talks, PLO representatives in talks with Israel, East Timor voices in negotiations with Indonesia, KLA leaders in negotiations with Yugoslavia, and Muslim, Croat, and Serb politicians in discussions over Bosnia."

Bridging the Divide

"The students who are fortunate enough to be a part of this experience are being connected to the world in a very personal way and out of this experience a new generation of global leaders is being created. And because these students are being transformed by their encounters here, they will be better able to heal the many divides they face in our increasingly complex world."

Talk of Palestinian reconciliation

"Israel's position regarding Hamas or the upcoming reconciliation talks is unclear. In general, Israelis are opposed to this reconciliation, as exemplified by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that Palestinians must choose between Hamas or peace. Not that the Israeli prime minister was making any serious peace offers, but the right-wing Israeli government has shown in recent months a more pragmatic side to it....The Israeli-Hamas prisoner exchange and the indirect negotiations, through Egypt, with the aim of stopping rockets coming from Gaza show that Tel Aviv is not totally opposed to an understanding that includes Hamas."



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