Dismantling the media empires of Yiddish supremacists



CNN’s Aaron Brown likes to do his weekly chores for his idol, Ariel Sharon. So, this week he came up with the bright idea of inviting Daniel Pipes for a little bit of a chat about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Pipes was introduced as an ‘expert’ from the Middle East Forum. His real expertise is in lying like a Likudnik fanatic.

The gist of their téte-é-téte was that no peace was possible because the Palestinians were placing obstacles in Sharon’s way. These Yiddish supremacists love to talk amongst themselves. So, Aaron set up Daniel Pipes with a question worded just the way these Yiddish propagandists like it. Aarons Question: So, even if the Israelis were to remove the settlements and withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza, the conflict would not end? To which Pipes replied “that is what Barak offered and Arafat refused”. Now, the truth is that Barak proposed nothing of the sort. He explicitly insisted on annexing the land on which most of these illegal Jewish settlements were built. Both Aaron and Pipes knew that. But Aaron accepted Daniel’s canard without a challenge. In fact, he invited this right wing Likudnik lunatic to ‘come back soon’.

And so it goes at CNN, were misinforming the public is job one. Aaron did not even bother to advise his audience that Pipes was not just another career pro-Israeli propagandist, but that he considers war criminal like Ariel Sharon too soft. He has openly advocated the expulsion of the Palestinians from their native lands. A day before three Palestinians, including a three-month baby, were shot to death by Jewish settlers, Daniel Pipes writing in the National Post (7/18/2001), recommended that the Israeli government intensify the brutality of the occupation. Pipes is one of those Jewish Lobby armchair generals who have swamped the air waves and major newspapers with an assortment of recommendations for new forms of collective punishments against the Palestinian citizens of the West Bank and Gaza. Among the war crimes he is recommending to the Israelis is that they accelerate the pace of economic warfare against the population and “permit no transportation of people or goods beyond basic necessities. Shut off utilities to the PA. Raze the PA’s illegal offices in Jerusalem, its security infrastructure, and villages from which attacks are launched. Capture or otherwise dispose of the PA leadership. Destroy the PA. Reach separate deals with each Palestinian town or village”. Read that again and notice that he is advocating ‘Razing villages’ a la Lidice. These are views that align perfectly with the extreme right wing in Israel.

Pipes is the kind of morally retarded ‘expert’ that warms the heart of a vicious Yiddish Supremacist like Aaron Brown. These Yiddish militants can’t get enough of each other. Notice the little trick about presenting a demented right-wing nut like Pipes as just another ‘American’ Middle East ‘expert’. Brown knows that the Middle East Forum is part of the Israeli Lobby because Brown is part of the Lobby. CNN is part of the Lobby.

A few weeks ago, Aaron Brown raised his eyebrow while commenting on the most recent Geraldo Rivera scandal. Rivera made up stories of walking on hallowed grounds where three American soldiers had died in Kandahar. He filmed this little bit of emotional fiction in Tora Bora, three hundred miles from the nearest patch of hallowed grounds. When an attentive journalist uncovered his ruse at the Baltimore Sun, Geraldo blamed the whole sordid affair on the fog of war.

As the FOX war correspondent in Afghanistan, Rivera made an ass of himself supposedly dodging live bullets. He also made a point of displaying the firepower of Geraldo’s Raiders, a private Afghan militia he had organized to back up the US Special Forces. He let his partners at the Pentagon know that he was willing to personally smoke out Mullah Omar. At FOX, Rivera’s brand of journalism fits in neatly with the racist tabloid garbage they dish out every hour of every day. He was on the O’Reilly Factor today giving his spin and apologizing for being ‘too patriotic’. Rivera went on to state that Aaron Brown would ‘poop in his pants’ if he had to be a war correspondent. No doubt, Aaron can match Geraldo in this pissing contest and make up his own stink of a fabricated story about his exploits in Tora Bora. Or was that Kandahar? Or he could call on Pipes to tell us a few more lies about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and Sharon’s ‘restraint’.

The real scandal was why CNN allowed FOX to get away with Geraldo’s fiction. The two networks are supposedly at each other’s throat fighting for market share. So, CNN had this golden opportunity to drag Murdoch’s hooligans through the mud and passed it up. Why? Because FOX could retaliate by exposing some of CNN’s fiction. So, Geraldo is miraculously rehabilitated as a ‘journalist’ and as a ‘war correspondent’ in O’Reilly’s ‘no spin zone’. Next time, Geraldo should pack some ‘hallowed ground’ in his brief case before heading out to Afghanistan. Rivera can just sprinkle it on the ground at the first sight of fog before reciting the lord’s prayer in a contrived emotional tribute to fictitious fallen patriotic heroes. Which will allow us all to spill some more tears for this Vaudevillian jerk.

For a year now, both FOX and CNN have colluded in covering up the serial mass murder crimes of Ariel Sharon. If they start sniping at each other with that kind of material, the public would learn a bit too much about the constituency of Yiddish supremacists who market Israeli repression. These derelict ethnic ‘journalists’ go about their work in the hope that a thug like Sharon will grace them with a pat on the head or a ride on his lap. So, they are obliged to continue lying to cover-up their habitual aversion to veracity.

FOX is not content with Geraldo’s antics. Of late they have recruited another bigot, a white Christian supremacist by the name of Ann Coulter. She looks and sounds like David Duke in drag on a bad hair day and is twice as nasty as any Nazi skinhead. She likes to spice her racist rants with words like ‘raghead’. Her solution to whatever ails the Middle East is to “invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” She likes to flash her flawed dental work when she says something particularly wicked. She inflames her audience with statements about a massive Muslim complicity in the 911 attacks. To date, despite the most massive criminal investigation in American history, not a single American Muslim citizen or permanent resident has been remotely associated with the atrocities of 911. But the details are not important to a low life trailer trash intellectual whore like Coulter who talks of “Camel Riding Nomads” and “Peyote smoking Indian savages’ and thinks affirmative action is a hate crime against white people. While discussing civil rights, she has an urgent need to talk of ”Indian savages”. Coulter thinks that it is a white accomplishment that American’s “don’t eat people or do human sacrifice.” According to Coulter we did the Indians a huge favor by shoving them off their native lands. Coulter also has distaste for what she calls ‘diseased’ illegal immigrants.

C-SPAN loved the racist Coulter speech enough to run it twice a day for the last couple of weeks. And NBC, which is owned by General Electric, also calls upon this racist heap of garbage to enlighten their viewers. The speech in which she revealed her racist passion for a ‘White Christian America out to civilize the cannibals” was given to students at Oregon State University. One of the students challenged her to justify the American government’s continued assistance to Pol Pot even after the killing fields had become public knowledge. Coulter did not have a clue about that bit of history. According to her, the last white Christian atrocity was the Inquisition and America is history’s first ‘non-imperial’ super-power. No one asks Coulter to explain why a ‘non-Imperial’ America has so many military garrisons around the world. Under ordinary circumstances, a sick deranged extremist like Coulter should be committed to involuntary treatment. But Reagan put a stop to that and these are not ordinary times. She is now a celebrated commentator at Rupert Murdoch’s daily KKK forums at FOX, a network that targets the mentally challenged market segment with a constant drivel of sleaze.

The revolting class of pundits that is emerging in these jingoistic times are dangerous hate mongers. Watch them carefully. Americans can be certain that their simplistic dogma and their supremacist ideologies, if left unchallenged, can cause great damage to our democratic and pluralistic values. The fact that racists like Pipes and Coulter are now considered legitimate ‘experts’ at CNN and FOX should ring alarm bells. Ultimately the willing enablers of these racist morons are folks like Aaron Brown, a staunch advocate of anti-Palestinian repression. Of all the Yiddish supremacists at CNN, Brown and Wolf Blitzer exhibit the strongest Likudnik leanings. While that might be pleasing to the Mossad, it is essential that their support for war criminals become a permanent stain on their legacy as mass media journalists. CNN and FOX deserve contempt and censure for being such flagrant apologists for a belligerent foreign military occupation army.

Perhaps, it is time to create groups that monitor the human rights record of CNN, FOX, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Their continued staunch support for Ariel Sharon should raise serious questions about their bizarre brand of ethnic advocacy journalism. It is my strong belief that individuals, including publishers and journalists, who actively support repression ‘over there’, can very easily advocate domestic repression. All these mass media corporations have willingly volunteered their services to market the agenda of the every Israeli government since 1948. They consistently avoid raising questions that urgently need answers. They blatantly distort the truth. They frame public agendas that visibly clash with American national interests. Their arrogance is such that they have usurped much of the power of the Federal government by acting as a shadow government. Considering the make-up of the American government, they are like a Mafia within the Mafia.

On the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the Yiddish mass media tycoons have archives polluted with Israeli media campaigns that were sold to American and international consumers as ‘news’ and ‘facts’ from ‘experts’. The sheer volume of lies, deceptions, misinformation and withholding of information from the public are a giant hall of shame. This is a propaganda campaign that rivals any in modern human history. Some day, it will be taught in journalism schools around the world as a spectacular five-decade ‘Big Lie’. This bag of Israeli mythology has been methodically disseminated by a well-heeled group of dedicated Yiddish racists with strong ties to the most extreme elements in Israeli society. This monster project is starting to unravel. It might take a year; it might take five years. But soon enough, Americans will come to realize that 911 might never have happened had it not been for the cult of Yiddish elitists who dominate the mass media industry and craft American foreign policy to assure that it serves the interests of Israeli expansionists.

When that moment of truth comes, the thugs who advocate repression at CNN and FOX will pay a steep price because Americans do not like to be taken for fools. The events of 911 so dramatically effected the average citizen. Like Pearl Harbor and the Kennedy assassinations, there will be enough Americans who decide they need answers to the questions that are currently taboo at CNN and FOX. The Yiddish Supremacists had better consult with Geraldo Rivera on how they can explain five decades of deliberately misleading the American people. Gradually, their veracity will be reduced to worthless currency.

Why would this fifty-three year elaborate media charade end now? Because Web journalism empowers individual citizens to challenge the media titans and bring them to their knees. Some of these media empires simply need to disappear. Their legacy of enforcing an institutional cult of deception will be difficult to overcome. People like Murdoch, Sulzberger, Levine and Graham simply must be forced out of the news business if we are ever to have a well-informed citizenry. These are institutions that are constitutionally incapable of being reformed. These are literally publishers with blood on their hands. Their journalists are assassins of the truth. They have colluded together to develop a culture of coercing both the public and those who are entrusted with our governance. Concentrating such immense power in the hands of this racist Yiddish elite has severely corrupted our political process. A large part of the damage they have deliberately inflicted on our political machinery was done in service to a belligerent land-grabbing racist foreign state ruled by a habitual war criminal.

If individual Americans would come together to disrupt the operations of these media moguls, it will automatically translate into cleaner more accountable government. These mass media organizations need to be financially crippled. As a nation, we are entitled to bask in the light of truth. We pay good money for our news and the media tycoons insist on manufacturing a product that is faulty by design and sinister in intent. Nothing will better serve our democracy than a steady dose of the truth and only the truth. The first essential truth is that the American mass media industry is constitutionally incapable of delivering anything that remotely resembles the truth.

Fortunately we live in an age of infinite hope. The Internet is a gift that can allow the American people to conduct a radical peaceful revolution from the comfort of our living rooms. You will be amazed at how easily you can get at the truth and around their lies. Log on and cancel your paper. Check out independent British and Australian papers. Put the TV in storage for a day, a week, a month. Turn to your VCR and get informative independent documentaries from your local library. Whatever you do, avoid Time/Warner products. When you catch them lying, tell everybody the truth they avoided telling you. When they lie to you once, don’t give them a second chance. Help investigate and ‘out’ individual journalists and publishers who habitually ‘spin’ the truth. Find a way to let them know you caught the bastards in the act. Confront them, if possible. And make sure not to treat them politely. Let them know what you think of those who support the killing of innocent women and children.

If you must watch TV, boycott their advertising clients. An easy and profitable way to do this is to quit buying brand name products. Support independently owned local papers. Encourage them to avoid publishing editorials and news content form the New York Times and Washington Post criminal news syndicates. Our mission must be to bust these media trusts. Our current crop of media titans, many of them staunch Yiddish supremacists, are men who have deliberately inflicted harm on innocent civilians both here and around the world. The more you know about them, their ethnic agendas, their extreme elitist racist beliefs, the more you will come to realize that they are a mind messing murder marketing machine. These are thugs who consort with thugs because they think it will grow hair on their chests.

So, let us organize a healthy democratic mass escape from their mind warping mass media garbage. Let us build an alternative mass media industry that will allow all the people of America to have their voices heard. Lend your hand and help our country and our planet to diminish their ability to manipulate public opinion, control politicians, determine the fate of helpless people in Argentina, Palestine and Afghanistan. If we make these mass media conglomerates the next Enron, we will also stop the fleecing of the American public by the con men of Wall Street. Destroying the power base of these media barons will allow us to elect governments that respect every citizen, that make the rest of the planet our friends, that redeem our national reputation and projects our inherent decency.

Let us, once and for all time, get rid of the class of self-appointed experts and pundits who manipulate every political debate. Imagine how we can all do it together from the comfort of our homes. We will spend no nights in jails. We will not confront Bull Conner’s hounds. We don’t even have to march. We don’t even need an organization. We just need to spread the word that we will not passively swallow any more canards designed to deliberately pave the path of serial war criminals like Ariel Sharon or any other thug. Do it for peace. Do it for justice. Do it now. Together, we can bash these arrogant Yiddish mass media thugs who advocate repression.

There is no political power in America without media power. So, this year, resolve to join the easiest good fight you can ever have. Support independent journalism on the Web. Make an effort to know the truth of the matter. Create truth to dispel their mass lies and pass it on to others. Read. Write. Speak your mind. And when someone sounds like a Yiddish supremacist journalist, don’t kid yourself or go into denial. Don’t make allowances for their bigotry. Certainly not when their bigotry is so deep that they are willing to endorse war criminals. Call a bigot a bigot and hope they find another line of work and a decent therapist. Heal the world by dismantling the media empires of these Yiddish supremacists.

Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of NileMedia.com in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).