The World’s Conscience is Dead

This is a lawless and unprincipled world. The World’s Conscience is Dead India and Israel have unlawfully occupied Kashmir and Palestine for last 54 years. There seems to be no end to their oppression and ruthless treatment of local population.

What reaction the world expects from these suppressed people? Smiles on their face or a fight back to end the tyranny. The irony is the fact that Muslims are victims and their fight back is not accepted as freedom movement but branded as militancy, terrorism or Jihad.

Are Israel and India really innocents and whereas Palestinians and Kashmiris are the evil and guilty of all the crimes against the ‘innocents’? Are we making a mockery of ourselves? In fact we are the Evil but wearing the mask of the Saint of love and peace to win the moral war. We are the biggest hypocrites of mankind history. Ariel, Advani, Bush and Blair deserve to be the leaders of our time.