Brace Yourself, America

Slowly but surely, Americans are coming to their senses. Day by day, despite the vast political power of AIPAC and other organizations that comprise “The Lobby” and official Washington’s slavish subservience to it, despite the bewildering influence of propaganda spewed relentlessly into American living rooms by Zionist media outlets–more and more Americans are waking up to a frighteningly ugly reality: Blind acquiescence to the pro- Zionist political agenda driving US foreign policies that inspire resentment, animosity, and hatred of America around the world has the potential to bring even greater disasters, events that dwarf the destruction of 9/11, down upon untold numbers of Americans.

Those who doubt that the first signs of cracks are appearing in America’s “special relationship” with Israel might want to reflect for a moment upon the timing of the recent release of the Nixon tapes and their revelation of comments by America’s most widely respected religious leader, the Rev. Billy Graham. However many Americans may be cheering Israel’s brutal assaults on Palestinian refugee camps and assisting the Israeli lobby in its efforts to maintain political, economic, and military support for Israeli militarists’ expansionist agenda, a growing number, including some prominent members of the American Jewish community, are unwilling to observe quietly and passively as their country is dragged down a dead-end road toward a Middle Eastern Armageddon that many now realize is likely to include devastating “collateral damage” right here in the USA.

The disaster of 9/11 revealed America’s vulnerability, but, equally important, the 9/11 attacks made ever so much more difficult for Zionist propagandists the job of obscuring the cause and effect relationship between US support of Israeli militarism, occupation, exploitation, and expansionism and the growing risk to Americans and a variety of legitimate American interests both at home and abroad. Israel’s media operatives in the USA have been remarkably successful in keeping most Americans in the dark by limiting broadcast media reports about Israel’s prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and extensive Israeli espionage operations in the USA prior to the 9/11 attacks. Only Fox News, which later removed the reports from its web site under pressure from CAMERA and other Zionist organizations according to recent alternative media reports, was bold enough to blow the whistle on the Israeli spies.

Mainstream media are also ignoring reports suggesting the involvement of Israeli intelligence agents in an anti-Arab clique headed by Lt. Col. Philip Zack and racist colleagues at the Fort Detrick, MD, biological weapons laboratory where the anthrax used in the post-9/11 mail terror campaign is said to have originated. Contradicting accounts in the foreign press, a recent Washington Post article attempted, without success, to discredit numerous credible reports from across America, including those confirmed by government sources both on and off the record, about Israeli espionage activity on US soil in the months prior to 9/11. Among those reports were some that named Israeli intelligence operatives who were monitoring the activities of the alleged 9/11 hi-jackers. All of this is an exhibition of the very considerable strength of Zionism’s continuing stranglehold on American media, the good Rev. Graham’s apology notwithstanding. Even more worrying are questions regarding Zionist political interference in US law enforcement investigations directly related to the most urgent of national security concerns.

Americans are waking up to the fact that their steadfast support and goodwill has been grievously abused by the Israelis and their operatives here in the USA, and that can only be very troubling for Zionist leaders. They well know that Israeli militarism is utterly dependent upon the support of official Washington. If history is any guide, Zionist fanatics may one day soon attempt to boost lagging sympathy for their cause– and engender a violent spasm of politically useful blinding hatred for Arabs and Muslims while they’re at it–through yet another black propaganda operation like the anthrax letter campaign, right here on American soil. One question is whether US counterintelligence officials, working with one hand tide behind their backs, as it were, are up to such a challenge; another is whether the American public is still gullible enough to be duped yet again. The only thing certain is that it would be an operation entailing huge risks for all concerned.

The problem is that the Zionist military and political intelligence organizations don’t seem to mind taking big risks. But why should they? Their operations, successes and failures alike, even those carried out on American soil, even those that damage American interests and kill Americans, regularly go unpunished. Remember the USS Liberty. It is difficult to imagine a bigger risk than an overt act of war against a United States Navy vessel in international waters, yet the Israelis attacked and killed 34 Americans and wounded 171 others in broad daylight, and, 35 years on, the Congress has not bothered to investigate. Anti-Defamation League leaders walked away from the 1993 West Coast spy scandal unscathed–not one was even charged. And perhaps the single most remarkable thing about Jonathan Pollard is that he is not that he is still locked up, but that he is the only Israeli spy ever convicted in the USA, where the most conservative estimates say hundreds of American Jewish Zionists, along with others who do their bidding out of greed, political opportunism, or warped ideological passion, regularly provide assistance to Israeli intelligence organizations. And now, according to foreign and alternative media reports, the INS has quietly deported well over a hundred Israeli spies caught working in the USA in just the past year, while the FBI–so says the Washington Post–is officially denying any knowledge of the Israeli spy ring and its now widely reported activities.

Arab and Muslim leaders, both here in the USA and abroad, well know that further terror attacks on American soil could bring truly Draconian retaliation, both here in the USA and abroad. Hundreds of Arabs and Muslims are now locked away here in the USA, denied even their fundamental due process rights, with no end to their ordeal in sight. Hundreds more are locked up at a US base in Cuba, denied their rights under the Geneva Convention. Observers have estimated that thousands of innocent civilians have died in Afghanistan, victims of “collateral damage” from US bombing. And two Middle Eastern countries, Iraq and Iran, which apparently had little or nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, are now under threat of reprisal. But, with the sole exception of Jonathan Pollard, it is difficult to point to any Zionist spy who has ever paid any significant penalty for betraying the USA or attacking US personnel and interests. So, fanatical ideologues in Israeli intelligence organizations, rogue elements like those who threatened to assassinate then president George Bush when he froze all US loan guarantees to Israel in an effort to force the Israeli government to the negotiating table in 1991, would appear to have little or no reason to fear the US government.

That Zionist ideologues do not seem to mind taking huge risks with American lives, threatening American presidents, betraying America and her interests, riding roughshod over American democratic institutions, values, and principles, that in time of war they have not hesitated to mount violent and deadly attacks against US military and intelligence personnel, operations, and property–those are realities that should now be of grave concern to every American, everywhere. For who is more likely to attack America now? Desperate Arab and Muslim terrorists who know that they and their compatriots are likely to pay a very high price indeed? Or Zionist fanatics, who, it seems all too likely, have no reason to fear US retaliation and every reason to believe that, even if their black propaganda attacks on their staunch superpower ally were to become known to federal authorities, the vast political power and influence of American Jewish organizations and the Israeli lobby, aided as always by Israel’s friends in American media corporations, would continue to shield Israel and its espionage apparatus from retaliation?

Zionist fanatics’ plans for greater Israel are thwarted, for now, by the rock of Palestinian resistance, the Saudi peace plan/normalization offer, an Israeli peace movement that is re-energizing and re-forming around some 300 IDF reserve officers’ courageous refusal to serve in the illegally-occupied Palestinian territories, a discernible and a growing sense of grassroots outrage in an America that has not yet lost touch with common sense and morality, and mounting European resistance to US plans for a war against Iraq. And like all frustrated fanatics, those Zionist elements are all too likely to resort once again to truly desperate measures, schemes designed to panic Americans and propel the US government headlong into massive military misadventure in the Middle East, something that could send civilization, such as it is, tumbling into the abyss.

Brace yourself, America.

Freelance Investigative Journalist and Commentator Michael Gillespie writes about Politics and Media for Media Monitors Network (MMN). His work also appears frequently in the popular Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.