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Pakistan: Towards Understanding the Challenges of Political Change and Future-Making

Are the New National Elections a Prelude to Change? People have spoken out loud and quite logically, Imran Khan is the elected candidate to lead...

A Very Intelligent Person

IN THE late 1980s, my secretary told me that the Deputy Chief of Staff wanted to see me. That was rather surprising. The army command...

The Luck of the Gambler

WE ALL know the picture from the books and the movies: a gambler sits at the roulette table in a casino. He has luck....

The Martin Luther King Jr. We Should Remember

On April 4th, we commemorated the anniversary of the assassination of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Although it's been 50 years since that...

Arab Leader’s Shame and the Bloodbath at Ghouta (Syria)

How to Witness the Man-Made Insanity of Civilian Massacres? "Hell on Earth"  - warns the UN Secretary-General to the Security Council of the intensity and...



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