A Journey To See Where I Was To Be


I was just below the cloud
The sound of thunder was ever so loud
My wings were spread I was actually flying
My speed was way past soaring
A white dove was leading my way
We will be there in less than a day
I was excited yet not joyfully
I embarked on my mission painfully
The dove wanted me to see
Where I was to be
But through her intervention
I was routed in a different direction
She told me she was my greatest option
Yet not my only solution
She urged me not to employ the other
For it would lead to the death of me and my brother
Nearing the end of our trip
I was perplexed about what came from her lip
When she said, I cannot go any further
Don’t tell anyone not even a murmur
Buy why I stopped and questioned
Waiting a while before I was answered
finally she said, I cannot bear to see what you will see
For a black hawk is what I will be
And I replied, What about the other solution
How can I see and still choose you as my option
She answered, You will need the threat of the other solution
To maintain me as your option
She then gave me directions and off I went
To the place I was to be sent
It was not hard to find
For it has been forever a picture inside my mind
I went in for the approach
Not knowing upon what I will encroach
I was greeted with great hospitality
Overwhelmed at the degree of their generosity
I saw their misery, I saw their pain
What do they do about the rain
Suddenly it rained from above
And I knew it was a signal from the dove
I asked for water to drink
It had to be fetched for there was no sink
When they eat and dine
They always finish the meal with a discussion on Palestine
I wondered as I looked to the sky
Why can’t God hear the cry
For the return to our country
And the restoration of our dignity
Near the end of another sleepless night
I awoke to a faint light
It was still dark in the camp
For there is no street lamp
I walked through and through
Not knowing what to do
About the guilt within me
And about the horror that I see
Then I wondered what if I were here
And another was there
What would I want him to do
As he is living his life through
And suddenly my image appeared
It was a scene I feared
I looked around for the others
What was the fate of my parents and brothers
I saw my mother sitting all alone
Where was my father was he gone
I walked through the door
Where was my older brother was he at war
I knelt to the ground and wept
Hitting the dirt with a big welt
I cried out with a loud voice
There is only one option one choice
And there I was flying again
Was this part of the dove’s plan
My flight soon approached the sea
As the dove reappeared in front of me
She was silent most of the way
Not wondering about what I had to say
My wings were stretched ever so wide
Like the wings of a black hawk from side to side
She looked back and said with a smile
Ahead of us is many a mile
You still have either option
Buy only one solution