A Clean Break

The American government – the Bush administration – has never before been so thoroughly interlocked, as a result of a convergence of basic philosophy, with the government of Israel, presently, a Lukud government of the extreme right wing with roots in the revisionist Zionism that demanded a Jewish state spanning the land between the Nile and the Euphrates. In addition, we now find throughout the Bush administration men of dual loyalties, to both Israel and the United States, who have long paper trails consisting of advocacy of the removal of Saddam Hussein as the greatest impediment to Israeli regional hegemony. These dual loyalist have also advocated the scrapping of UN Resolution 242 with its "land for peace formula" in favor of a regional solution based of the current balance of power, meaning that the land that Israel has taken by force should remain Israel’s.

These ideas have been put fourth in a 1996 document, A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, prepared for the incoming Netanyahu government of Israel by Richard Perle, presently a member of the Pentagon’s Defense Advisory, by Douglas Feith, presently Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, by David Wurmser, now assistant to John Bolton at Undersecretary of State, and by several others.

We must ask ourselves, "Is it more than a coincidence that the US government, consisting of consultants who regularly provide independent advice for the Lukud governments of Israel, now pursuing exactly the policies written specifically for the Israeli government?"

The history of Israeli- Iraqi antagonism goes back at least as far as 1980 when Israel attacked and destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor which Israel claimed could be used for the production of weapon grade material. Evidently, accepting the analysis of the International Atomic Energy Commission, Iraq was in fact close to possessing a nuclear devise on the eve of Gulf War in 1991. During that war, Iraq hit Israel with 39 Scud missiles, which, though ineffective at causing damage, provided evidence of the hostile nature of the Iraqi regime. Iraq’s support for the Palestinians in their struggle to free themselves of the Israeli occupation, which include cash compensations to the families of Palestinian killed by the Israelis, not just to the families of suicide bombers, and to those whose homes have been demolished has been a thorn in the side of Israel whose policy is to bleed the Palestinians to death and to disconnect them from their means of livelihood.

Israel, with one of the most powerful militaries in the world, with its 600 or so nuclear weapons, with its own chemical and biological weapons program insists in dominating its own sphere of influence and has little need of a government leader on its doorstep who does not kneel before the Americans.

Iraq was long ago emasculated and was in no way a threat to the US; nor was there the slightest evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction on the eve of the American invasion, notwithstanding the daily lies, to the contrary, that flowed out of the White House.

The war in Iraq served no ones interest save Israel’s, yet is being paid for with American blood, American money, and American prestige, and to the detriment of an international order based on principles of justice embodied in international law.