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Top 100 Reasons Not to Bomb Iran

There are over 80 million men, women, and children in Iran. Bombing them would be mass-murder. If the U.S. government and its allies...

The House that Bibi built

For half of the past two decades, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu has served as Prime Minister of Israel. Whatever his ultimate fate (given the ongoing...

Sanctioning Syria: The Long Road to Damascus

"With Iraq proving to be less of a “cakewalk” than America’s pro-Israel warmongers had breezily predicted, Syria managed to survive two Bush terms. The failure of Israel’s 2006 invasion of Lebanon to dislodge Hezbollah, however, added significantly to the impetus for regime change in Damascus. When Israel’s friends in Washington concluded that the Syrian corridor to Iran was “Hezbollah’s Achilles heel,” Bashar al-Assad’s days were increasingly numbered. The Arab uprisings of 2011 provided them with their long-sought opportunity for “rolling back Syria.”

Time for radical change in Pakistan

"There is immense potential in Pakistan. It must be harnessed but time is running out. The people must stop looking for a messiah; they must take the destiny in their own hands if they are serious about saving the country. Time and history wait for no one. There are many predatory powers waiting to pick up the pieces should Pakistan disintegrate. Continuing with current policies will only hasten that day. It must be avoided at all costs....Are the masses willing to rise to the occasion?"

Why wars really happen

"When you combine the illogic of these motivations for war with the fact that wars so often fail on their own terms and yet are repeated time and time again, it becomes possible to doubt that the masters of war are always masters of their own consciousness. The United States did not conquer Korea or Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan. Historically, empires have not lasted. In a rational world we would skip the wars and go straight to the peace negotiations that follow them. Yet, so often, we do not."



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