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May will be crucial

"Most Palestinians and Israelis are united in arguing that the peace talks are going nowhere. A Gaza ceasefire could free the hand of PM Ehud Olmert to start removing West Bank outposts and advancing the talks. But alternatively, the ceasefire could boost Hamas' prestige in the West Bank as well as Gaza, thereby further weakening Abbas. Into these calculations we must factor the prospect that Hamas will agree to the Gaza passages being reopened under the auspices of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority."

Sen. Mikulski’s Warmongering Exposed by Peace Activist

The Iraq War is crashing our economy! We also now know that it was launched by the Bush-Cheney Gang based on 935 certifiable lies. Yet, Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) continues to vote to fund it to the tune of $514 billion. Her excuse is that she “supports the troops.” Vietnam War veteran, nurse and Peace activist, Ms. Madeleine Mysko, isn’t buying Mikulski’s dubious line. She wants the war ended and the troop brought safely back home, now.

Inclusiveness most promising approach

"Given the lessons from the different approaches to dealing with the complicated situation since the Hamas takeover of Gaza, it is clear that the most successful is that combining the promise of a possible end to occupation through political and peaceful negotiations with inclusive dialogue, primarily among the Palestinian factions. The inclusive approach encourages the pragmatic elements in Hamas and thus promises to be the most fruitful if it is accompanied by a serious process toward ending the occupation."

Negative Campaigns, Wounded Candidates

"What is interesting here is that, while the continued negativity of this campaign will weaken the eventual Democratic nominee, the Republicans' presumptive nominee, John McCain, has had the field to himself. McCain had emerged from the Republican contest wounded by the internal divisions in that party. He has made a determined effort to win the support of party leaders, and in this he has been successful. His problems remain, however, on the fringes of the party, where libertarian and religious conservative elements are threatening either to boycott or to run independent candidates for the presidency in November."


Media asleep regarding Energy and the Presidential Election

"An honest media and an informed public are the basic foundations of a real democracy. They are missing in action and the public is deceived, manipulated and will eventually be hung to dry because critical knowledge is withheld regarding the energy fate of the U.S. and of mankind."



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