Media asleep regarding Energy and the Presidential Election


It seems like the whole world knows about Peak Oil; except for the U.S. Presidential Candidates, that is. (And the American public). To hear Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John McCain speak, the high prices of oil are reversible with better U.S. policy. Food prices are not connected to petroleum prices. The whole situation is temporary and will be reversed by electing the new guy.

Alas, geology and history tell us otherwise. Oil is becoming more and more scarce while demand is rising around the world. The U.S., once the world’s largest exporter of oil, is now the most dependant nation in the world on imports from other nations, but China is fast on our heels in demanding foreign sources of oil for their own rapidly expanding economy. India is introducing a very inexpensive automobile designed to introduce automotive ownership to millions and millions of Indians who have never owned an automobile before. Farmers need petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides and fuels just to grow their crops and more fuel is required to process the crops into foods and get the food to market.

The world situation related to energy is unlike anything mankind has experienced before and we are entering the beginning of the end of the entire Petroleum Age for all of mankind.

And did you hear about this from the candidates? Did the media bring it up so that the candidates could address the public on these historic issues of vital interest to all the citizenry?

Did the media connect the dots between Peak Oil and the invasion of Iraq, the likely invasion of Iran? After all, there should be no secret that the Project for the New American Century laid all this out in detail even before George W. Bush and the neo-cons entered the White House. It should be old news but the public is still thinking that Iraq/Iran are threats due to weapons of mass destruction or other deceptions by the Prevaricator in Chief and his minions.

Perhaps the media wants to avoid panic. That is until good solutions are completely unavailable. When the panic comes, the media will surely report it, but fail to explain their own complicit role in the failure to problem-solve before the fact or to allow democracy to shape the American future according to the informed desires of the American people.

An honest media and an informed public are the basic foundations of a real democracy. They are missing in action and the public is deceived, manipulated and will eventually be hung to dry because critical knowledge is withheld regarding the energy fate of the U.S. and of mankind.