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Nakba 60th year: Complex or Not – Solution is Simple

"A great deal of the confusion about the so-called “complex” nature of the conflict has been deliberately engineered by the apartheid state of Israel. This strategy, built around the exploitation of guilt on the issue of anti-semitism, has aided successive Israeli regimes to ignore, defy and manipulate all known conventions with the direct complicity of Western nations."

Alan Greenspan at the Fed: A Disaster for America

The supposed financial guru, Alan Greenspan, was nominated to head the Federal Reserve, in 1987, by that union-bashing dunce, President Ronald Reagan. At his confirmation hearing, the late Sen. William Proxmire (D-WI), exposed the fact that Greenspan’s economic forecasting record was “dismal” and “wrong” most of the time. In his book: “Greenspan’s Bubbles,” William A. Fleckenstein proves Sen. Proxmire’s instincts were prophetic.

"Death to the Arabs!"

The second way says: Israel belongs to all its citizens, and only to them. Every citizen is an Israeli, much as every US citizen is an American. As far as the state is concerned, there is no difference between one citizen and another, whether Jewish, Muslim or Christian, Arab or Russian, much as, from the point of view of the American state, there is no difference between white, brown or black citizens, whether of European, African or Asian descent, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or Muslim. In Israeli parlance, this is called "a state of all its citizens".


The Proper U.S. Role in Pakistan

"National pride is a powerful emotion, even in citizens who believe their country is poorly led. Almost everyone resents criticism and interference from abroad. How would we feel if France or Russia tried to tell us how to behave?"

Trial Date for AIPAC Defendants "Definitively" Fixed

"Following its policy of never presenting Israel in an unflattering light, The Washington Post carries virtually no information about the looming AIPAC trial--no dates, no discussion about how open or closed the trial will be, and no discussion of the legal dilemma over which high government officials can be called to testify."



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