Nakba 60th year: Complex or Not – Solution is Simple

Will pious pontification by Western nations ever be replaced by an acknowledgement that short of decisive action, such pompous speeches will remain no more than that?

I refer of course to the plight of the Palestinians, and the fact that their miserable condition after six decades of dispossession has worsened due in large measure to gross dereliction by the West.

No conflict is more clear-cut than the Israeli-Palestinian one. Yet, Western states have bought into the outrageous lie by Israeli lobbyists that it is deeply complex.

Worse still has been the unfortunate indoctrination undergone by analysts and commentators alongside journalists, all believing that the “complexities” of the conflict make its resolution more difficult to attain.

A great deal of the confusion about the so-called “complex” nature of the conflict has been deliberately engineered by the apartheid state of Israel. This strategy, built around the exploitation of guilt on the issue of anti-semitism, has aided successive Israeli regimes to ignore, defy and manipulate all known conventions with the direct complicity of Western nations.

By portraying the conflict as complicated and difficult to understand, Israel confounds genuine peace-making attempts and merrily continues its subversion of the rights of Palestinians. It behaves as a rogue state, flaunting civilized values knowing that the protection it enjoys from the West, primarily from the United States, will allow it to perpetuate injustice.