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The Giant’s Daughter

"For 33 years now, there have been no problems on our border with Syria, in spite of the unresolved conflict over the Golan. Who knows what will happen if Syria falls prey to anarchy? OK, that's no problem for America. But it certainly is for us."

Colin Powell: Still Craven After All These Years

"Now, after so much clear evidence has emerged to discredit the entire U.S. war effort, Colin Powell still can’t bring himself to stand up and account for his crucial role. Instead, he’s leaving it to a former aide to pin blame on those who remain at the top of the Bush administration. But Powell was an integral part of the war propaganda machinery. And we can hardly expect the same media outlets that puffed him up at crucial times to now scrutinize their mutual history."

Adrift and No Substantive Debate

"The mainstream Democratic alternative which is to find a middle ground and call for a phased withdrawal with or without timetables—is not a responsible alternative. And so, the war continues, on its present and dangerous course. Dangerous not only because of the continued violence and the potential it holds for regional instability, but also because the worsening situation on the ground, the absence of leadership, and growing public opposition may 0ultimately limit the possibilities for future policy options."

Three important precedents

"But all of this is hardly a sign that peace is around the corner. The United States and the European Union cannot impose peace on a skeptical and reluctant Israeli leader like Sharon or a willing but weak leader like Abbas. A third party can do only so much in the absence of committed and effective local leadership."

Nothing has changed

"At a time when there are positive changes taking place in the political landscape on both sides, the lessons learned from the Gaza crossings agreement should be considered a model for further agreements. A determined Quartet envoy, backed by active third party mediation ought to now stand a good chance of getting both sides to implement at least the first phase of the roadmap."



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