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The Spoils of War :: Israel’s corruption was inevitable ::

"The recent poll cited above, taken with other surveys over the past few years, adds a supplemental line of argument. Even if we assume that one of every five people in the Dahaf poll was Arab and they all answered negatively, the poll suggests that two out of three Israeli Jews feel profoundly alienated from their government and disenfranchised by representatives that many believe (on good evidence) to be routinely corrupt. In other words, a democracy in name only. Americans should know something about this phenomenon, too."

Who Needs a Camel?

"The Labor election campaign must convince the public that Amir Peretz is a leader who is consistent, sure of himself, and, more than anything else, who is not afraid at all, a Prime Minister who does not cave in, who knows what he wants, who has clear solutions for all the problems. A program that is shallow, wishy-washy and stitched together in patches will not convince anyone that Peretz is the man."

Who is killing the heart, soul, and faith of America?

"The best kept secret about all of this erosion of morality, human rights, civil rights, respect for life, and common sense in the United States, is that it arguably results from what TV talk show host, Bill Mahr calls “Israelization.”

TeenScreen – The Making of Mental Patients

"TeenScreen is designed only to increase psychiatric and drug company revenues by turning normal children into lifelong mental patients. Now is the time for anyone who cares about children and the future to step up and demand that mental health screening not be allowed in any schools at any time."

‘Isa – His Life and Mission

"The Roman historian Tacitus (56-117 CE) in his Annals described how Nero blamed Christians for the fire of Rome in 64 CE. Tacitus mentioned that the word “Christians” originated from “christos”, who was executed by Pontius Pilate during the reign of Tiberius. But he was not an eyewitness to the event, neither did he ever present his sources for such information; his statement was merely based on the unconfirmed claims being made by the Pauline Christians themselves Among all the Roman historians he is considered the least reliable. As such, modern scholarship has serious problem on authenticity of his narration regarding Jesus."



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