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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Voters are to Blame for Bad Politics

"We like to blame the news media for all of the "gotcha" political stories that pry too deeply into the personal lives and distant past history of candidates and therefore keep many good and qualified people out the political arena."


Why the Children in Iraq Make No Sound When They Fall

"Wars never fail to produce their share of pithy lines. Tommy Franks made sure this one would be no exception."

When is Stealing not a Crime?

"The British elite are all in a grand tizzy! No, it’s not about Prince Charles marrying his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles. They are roaring mad over the IRA supposedly robbing a bank in British-Occupied Belfast, on Dec. 20, 2004, of $50 million dollars. The IRA denies any involvement. The hypocrisy of these British Imperialists is simply breathtaking. They “stole” Ireland from the Irish people! Now, they complain when the tables are turned!"

Syria out of Lebanon and Israel out of Syria

"It’s no state secret that Lebanon is being held hostage to give the Syrians a little leverage in dealing with the Israelis. The wisdom of Syria’s strategy would only make sense if America or Israel really cared. They don’t. Damascus can count on the Bush administration to uphold the Kissinger tradition. George Bush will demand all kinds of immediate Syrian concessions without so much as mentioning the Golan Heights."

Ex-Presidents as Pitchmen: Touting Good Deeds

"When an American president wants to make war, he doesn’t rely on private contributions. The U.S. warfare in Iraq has already cost taxpayers more than $150 billion, not counting the regular Pentagon budget that is now well over a billion dollars per day."