US can still contribute to save this world

On the morning of August 6, 1945, the forces of United States dropped a nuclear bomb, named as ‘Little Boy’ over the city Hiroshima. Three days later, on August 9, while watching the complete annihilation of Hiroshima, they dropped another nuclear bomb, named as ‘Fat Man’, over the city of Nagasaki. More than 200, 000 people died instantly and many hundred thousands either died or disabled over the period due to nuclear radiation. The initial heat blast was 900 times hotter than the sun. Bodies were vaporised underneath the bomb blast.

Still the signs of mass destruction of humanity can be felt in the climate and among the people of present generation of these two cities of Japan. Aiming to give a lesson to Japan once and forever, US used the most dangerous weapons ever built weapons using nuclear technology while the world experienced an unbelievable extermination of entire creatures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The incident shook the world. Certainly, the use of the atomic bomb eventually paid victory to US and its war-partners and bowed down many nations, however, it initiated the new trend among other nations to go after same technology and weapons supposedly to prevent them from nuclear threats and to provide them safety. One after the other most of the western countries, Russia and China succeeded to own nuclear technology. Apparent justification and claims of having nuclear technology were reasons of achieving more energy for peaceful purpose. Nevertheless every country developed atomic arsenals. These nations along with the US acknowledged as superpowers. Consequently, despite of their limited resources, the third world nations also jumped into the race. Pakistan, North Korea and Israel quietly succeeded to secure with nuclear technology with the development of atomic bombs and long range nuclear loaded missiles.

According to a report as of January 2005 there were approximately 5,300 operational nuclear warheads in the US. The stockpile included 4,530 strategic warheads and 780 non-strategic warheads and almost 5,000 additional warheads were retained as a ‘responsive reserve force’ –” enough to destroy the entire globe within minutes.

Unfortunately, since the last 2 decades or so, the Washington, DC has been controlled by the imperialistic minded lobby. They want to see the world accepting US as a modern day empire who would decide other States’ destiny.

Recently, the Bush Administration has revealed a blueprint for rebuilding America’s decrepit nuclear weapons complex, including restoration of a large-scale bomb manufacturing capacity. The plan calls for the most sweeping realignment and modernisation of the nation’s massive system of laboratories and factories for nuclear bombs since the end of the Cold War. Bush administration wants the capability to turn out 125 new nuclear bombs a year by 2022. The Pentagon also has planned to retire older nuclear bombs and produce 150 new atomic bombs.

While United States is advising every other nation to reduce the build-up of nuclear and dangerous weapon –” the Bush government has added $48 billion in the war and defence budget in 2002 with extension in budget every year. By 2007, the annual US defence budget will be nearly $500 billion.

In the last decades or so Bush government has ignored United Nation, Security Council and other International economic and monetary organisations when they acted against the will of the government of United States. The frequent statements of George Bush like ‘The great nation on earth’, ‘America the most powerful nation on earth’ addressing to the people of United States in various international conflicts and US militarily operations and then rising behaviour of totalitarianism and unilateralism are due to its supreme military might, state of the art technology, global surveillance on other countries through satellites and possession of most modern, sophisticated and dangerous nuclear arsenals.

In September, 2004, Bush administration released a 33-page document, titled ‘The National Security Strategy of the United States’. The document revealed that President Bush had no intention of allowing any foreign power to catch up with the huge lead the United States has opened since the fall of the Soviet Union more than a decade ago and US would never allow its military might to be challenged the way it was during the Cold War. The document also disclosed how US would exploit its military and economic power to encourage "free and open societies" which it defines as ‘a distinctly American internationalism’.

Much of the document focuses on how public diplomacy, the use of foreign aid, and changes in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank can be used to win what it calls a battle of competing values and ideas –” including what it calls "a battle for the future of the Muslim world". Defining the strategic control over the world and deal with remaining powers, it says, with Russia no longer able to come close to matching US military spending, the doctrine seems aimed at rising powers like China. The document affirms that US forces are strong enough to dissuade potential adversaries from pursuing a military build-up in hopes of surpassing, or equalling, the power of the United States. It also says that US will never subject its citizens to the new International Criminal Court, refers to it as ‘whose jurisdiction does not extend to Americans’.

After the World War II and during the cold war, Soviet Union was a threat for United States being a rival superpower. Defeating Russia in Afghanistan – which resulted break-up of Russia – through Islamic fundamentalist Taliban and the fighters of Osama Bin Ladin whom former President Ronald Reagan referred as ‘Brave Freedom Fighters’, this imperialist minded lobby in white house seemed more faithful on US unique military might and technological supremacy in suppressing any rising power that could confront with United States, in future. It is worth remembering here that Bush regime includes many former members of the Reagan and Bush Sr. administration. Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and other holdovers played key role in supporting Taliban’s militant in war against Russia in Afghanistan.

Now the left over Taliban fighters and Osama’s militants in Afghanistan who had established a vision of extremism and fanaticism using the name of Islam during their 10 years war against Russia to defend Afghanistan became a threat for US administration. In late 1990s, former US President Bill Clinton tried to kill Osama Bin Ladin by missile attacks but failed.

Further, the increasing awareness in the Muslim world on their geo-political issues mainly the liberation of Palestine and on US control of middle oil resources has been taken Washington as a biggest threat for US. Similarly, expanding capabilities of frontline Muslim countries towards the nuclear technology where Pakistan has already succeeded to become a nuclear power and Iran has been another Muslim hardline country inline to have nuclear arsenals were the issues which required to be dealt US establishment in white house.

Then on the morning of Tuesday September 11, 2001, the world witnessed a new act of coordinated terrorist attacks on United Stated where commercial airliners were hijacked and crashed into New Yorks twin tower – symbol of US economic power – and Pentagon –” symbol US military power, resulting nearly 3,000 dead and many thousand brutally injured. The incident of 9/11 (2001) has changed the atmosphere internationally. President Bush announced the incident as ‘Attack on America’.

Now, without going into controversial documentaries on 9/11 (2001) terrorist attack which has been published since the incident occurred one thing has remained unresolved in the minds of many intellectuals and wise people that instead of sole focus on the incident and to reach to the bottom of the incident, the reasons and investigate culprit behind this horrific incident within the country, Bush administration ignoring the will of majority of the people in and outside of US, contemning UN agreements and neglecting the advise of US own friends launched attack on Afghanistan and having the so-called agenda unfinished in Afghanistan Iraq was attacked on so-called issues of Saddam Hussain’s WMD, Osama’s Al-Quaida network and so on. It is also important to remember that launching military operation in Afghanistan, President Bush had said that this war is a different kind of war it could go another 50 years. Saddam Hussain was captured; Iraq was totally under control of US-led forces and WMD never found and Saddam Hussain was refused to bring in the international court of justice to prove the allegations on him. On the other hand, the world is helplessly watching the every day killings of civilians, ethnic clashes, terrorists attack and so on. The entire infrastructure of Iraq has been collapsed, there has been total anarchy in the country, even the US seems to be helpless to find peace in stability in Iraq, yet, the Bush administration is now planning to deal with Iran with another military action on Iran’s nuclear issue.

Unfortunately, the game is now at this dangerous level. The people around the world are helplessly and fiercely counting which might be the ending days of this planet. This is the time when Bush administration not only listen the voice of the silent majority but also learned the lesson from its accomplishments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush government must consider before launching any future adventure that the world has changed now. Even the act of terror has changed. Every thing impacts globally. When President Bush talks about global economy and global peace he must also not forget that whatever action is taken would have a global impact too. The technological advancement which mostly is a gift of US to this world, made this world as a global village. Small piece of news, plan or action is disclosed to millions throughout the world just in few minutes through internet and mass communication. You can not play games anymore using fake stories or by utilising militarily power and assume that the world will remain hushed and unaware from the ground realities. Modern technology makes mass murder and terrorism so ridiculously easy that just about anyone can do it. It cannot be stopped by military might. On the other hand, no one, neither the people of United States nor any single nation that black history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki may be repeated.

Well it is a very serious test for the policy-makers in Washington particularly in relation to dealing with Iran. Whatever decision they take, they must think twice keeping in mind the consequences of their action. It is very vital and in the interest of not only for the people of United States but for the peace of world that Bush government should accept the need of the time, the demands of the changing world and resolve the matters of the principle of live and let the others live. Even if policy maker in Washington to remain on top, it has to come with fairness and accepting others.

The only hope, the world can think of, are the people of United States. They can still contribute to save the world and maintain peace on this planet which has already been drifting towards end due to increasingly lack of natural resources and the climate adversities. No doubt, there are strong lobbies, groups, senators, activist, journalists and people of other walk of life who have been opposing the use of force against other nations. The people of United States showed great courage and sincerity when they carried out demonstrations of millions of people against the war on Iraq. There are strong senators and politician who openly condemned the policies of Bush administration relation to use of forces against Afghanistan and Iraq. The strong human rights activist in United States strongly condemned the US military tortures in Abu Ghuraib (Iraq) and establishment of Guantanamo Bay torture cells. Recently, very boldly and negating to their army-protocol former military generals came out in media and revealed the situation in Iraq and accept the US army failure in Iraq. The media in United States is one of the strongest media power in the world and there is no question and doubts on the freedom of speech in US. In the current Iran’s nuclear issue once again the people in United States are strongly opposition any possible military operation.

As a matter of fact, whenever US government has planned to execute military operations against any state the peace loving citizens of US –” intellectuals, human rights activist, journalists, ex-politicians, former military officers and so on –” actively opposed their government decisions through demonstrations and protests. Now, this is the time when more peace loving campaign, demonstrations and display of world unity required by the people of United Sates in order to pressurize and compel Bush administration to listen to the voice of majority in and outside US. The non-governmental organizations, non-political institutes and the media other phenomenal of the society are required to come forward with more dedications and commitments in the interest of the United States and the rest of world for peace once and forever. More sincere, courageous and influential activists, ex-politicians and ex-military officials will have to devote their time to save our world.