Time to Forge "A New America!"

There were once golden days, when the U.S. was led by virtuous patriots, who were connected to the people and to the land and who created feelings of national community and a hope for a better life for all. I’m talking about the times of the heroic George Washington, the steadfast Dwight D. Eisenhower, and our president, murdered by the New World Order, John F. Kennedy.

America is a work in progress. It has repeatedly striven to rid itself of its own inner contradictions. Back then, it was also a spiritual force and admired by most of the world. Today, the man at the helm of our government, George W. Bush, is a serial liar, a bloody fool, a contemptible fraud and a stooge for the Plutocrats and the international schemers. Today, we are hated as a menace to peace. If you don’t feel angry and in despair about where America is today, then maybe you should.

These Plutocrats, without the people’s permission and in contempt of our Constitution, acting as a “Shadow Government,” have built an “Imperial Empire.” It serves, not the American people, but their own powerful clients, such as scoundrels, like the Military-Industrial Complex and Big Oil. [1]

In March, 2003, the Bush-Cheney Gang, an agent of the Plutocrats, decided to take the country into an unjust war with Iraq, thanks also to the urgings of the repulsive Neocons. It has cost the American people hundreds of billions of dollars and the loss of thousands of its finest sons and daughters on its sand-swept and Depleted-Uranium-infected battlefields. Prior to 1948, and the creation of Israel, the U.S. had no enemies in the Muslim World. Recently, the Bush-Cheney Gang has arbitrarily chosen to make Islam itself an enemy. This has outraged over a billion of its believers. The Gang then launched the makings of police state here in the U.S. with the emergence of the Department of Homeland Security, led by the shadowy Michael Chertoff. He suspiciously resigned from a federal judgeship to take that job. Why did he do that? Chertoff also has very strong ties to the Zionist juggernaut.

Question: “What does our future hold for us?” Try endless wars; rising national indebtedness; growing deindustrialization with continuous outsourcing of middle class jobs; more police surveillance and the loss of our ancient liberties; aging cities overrun with crime and failing educational systems, where the homes of the urban working class near valuable waterfront vistas are fast being taken over by Yuppies; rampant pollution and destruction of our national resources; privatization of key municipal and state assets; a bloated real estate market ripe for collapse, where the value of the dollar is at serious risk; balkanization of the country by pitting one ethnic group, one race and one area against another; and more enemies looking to pay us back for the wrongdoings of this and past regimes.

As for politics, our people are more alienated than ever from party politics at every governmental level. The two major parties are a national disgrace and are dominated by grasping special interests, like the Credit Card Cartel. The ethically-challenged Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) is only the tip of the iceberg of a Congress lacking any real concerns for the fate of the common people. On the paramount issue of the Iraqi War, there weren’t any real differences in the views of the Republicans and the Democrats. They, and others, constitute – “The War Party.” Meanwhile, the voters have been made insignificant by the infusion of huge amounts of money into that flawed, easily corrupted, electoral process. When an individual writes their congressional representatives, like I have many times in the past to U.S. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (R-MD), on issues of concern, they are more than likely to be insulted by getting back from them, a computer-generated response with the signature of the Congressperson – signed by a machine! I’m sure she wouldn’t reply to political insider and lobbyist Jack Abramoff that way. [2]

On the religious front, the Roman Catholic Church in the U.S. is in deep decline. It has long since lost its way, with the disgusting priest-pedophile scandal only one manifestation of its many abysmal failures. Many of its Bishops openly embraced the warmongering Bush during the last election. For most of my adulthood, when entering a RC Church, I have felt like I was in a museum and not a “House of God.” I know women who have more spirituality in the little finger of their right hand, than some of these pompous clerics, like that disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law, has in his whole body. Also, good men with courage, genuine spirituality and warriors, too, for peace and justice, like the late, great Phil Berrigan were deliberately pushed out of the RC Church. At the same time, paper-pushing bureaucrats, such as the loathsome Law, were allowed to rise to top positions of authority.

As for the Union Movement today, it mostly deserves the title, “The Labor Faker Movement.” With some notable exceptions, its leaders only care about themselves and not the needs and aspirations of their own members. One union faker that I know cares more about his pricey condo in Ocean City, MD, than he does about the fact that the union membership nationally is in a perilous decline. Rarely, if ever, do selfish creeps like that think in terms of what is good for the working class and for the country together and how can they “give back” to a movement which sourced their six-figure salaries. Only when this present national leadership is replaced by visionary activists, like those who participated in the Million Worker March, on Oct. 17, 2004, in Washington, DC, and who strongly opposed the Iraqi War, demanded repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act, and the building up of a Labor-based Third Party, will anything start to change. (3) I don’t think I will every forget the shameful fact that the AFL-CIO’s big shots failed to take that phony bully Ronald Reagan on when he viciously destroyed the PATCO Union in 1981. [4]

As for the Media, it has been mostly corrupted by its corporate ownership and the built-in conflict of interests. Only on the Internet can the truth be found and this is especially true about the 9/11 tragedy – and the ongoing conspiracy to reduce the U.S. to a vassal state to be looted by the globalist intriguers, who are also the pushers of the Free Trade disease. [5] Naturally, these sinister Wire Pullers are looking to take over the Internet. They will use every ruse, including the dubious “Hate Crime” laws, to do so.

We desperately need a “New America” where all the people can participate. Our spiritual and civic values are continuing to be crushed by a vulgar culture that prefers to lionize windbags, like Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, over esteemed writers, such as Noam Chomsky. It also deliberately trivializes the massive lies of the Bush-Cheney Gang. Evil does exist and it is an inherent aspect of life in this society. If you don’t believe me, just look at the conniving back slappers in our Nation’s Capital. We are headed for a national disaster that can easily lead to another Dark Age for Mankind. The few who see it coming wake up every morning feeling like an outcast in the city, state and country, that gave them birth and that they once loved unconditionally, cherished with all their heart and thought would last forever. Our prisons, too, are filling up at an obscene rate as I write. Significant segments of our population are without any hope at all.

Nevertheless, there is still a remote chance for real change, but only a rebirth of the national and communal spirit, like in the nature of a living faith, that gave us our heroes, union movement, and cities, towns and rural life of old, can redeem us from this vast cesspool of corruption, materialism and greed. The later are infecting us like parasitical viruses. They must be stamped out before the new transformational life force can spring forward.

Finally, In my opinion, a “New America” must be forged before disaster strikes. It should be one that lives up to our glorious past and embraces the civic virtues, founded on the classical model, of the intrepid founders of our once-grand Republic. And, this “New America” must also be true to who we really are today as spiritual creatures and not as a dispensable commodity to be manipulated by the Plutocrats. Remember always, you are an American and you owe it to your heritage, as the heirs of the “Sons of Liberty,” to restore our Republic. Down with the Plutocrats! A “New America” is coming!


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