The three W’s of Israel’s strategic assault against the Palestinians

Ray Hanania’s Column

Israel’s campaign against the Palestinians is about to take a major and horrific turn in the coming months. It is so diabolical, you almost have to believe that it is coordinated and intentional.

The strategy is premised on Israel’s continued provocation of the conflict with the Palestinians, Intifadah II. It is a conflict Israel provoked with its paltry peace offering at Camp David and Ariel Sharon’s military incursion onto the holiest of Islamic sites in Jerusalem. Using superior public relations spin, it then crafted itself as the victim responding to Palestinian attacks.

The Israelis know that they cannot sustain the current conflict. They must escalate it to allow lightening fast retribution and the ability to grab more land, to kill more political opponents under the guise of a criminal practice of “extra-judicial” assassinations, and to transfer more Christian and Muslim Palestinians out of their control.

The first part of this strategy is already underway. It has been for some time, but it is being stepped up in the American and the Western press. It is “Words of hatred” offered by an arsenal of pro-Israel sappers in the American and Western media, including columnists like George Will and Charles Krauthammer. Both are notoriously anti-Arab Israeli apologists who enjoy many benefits from the pro-Israeli lobby.

These “columnists” have launched a simultaneous assault to justify the second W of Israeli strategy, calling for an “all out War.” Their columns and words of hatred advocate a full-scale military assault to invade and destroy Palestinian society.

The concept goes like this: Israel launches an all-out war against the Palestinians, justifying the worst atrocities against civilians by hiding behind inaccurate media coverage and one-sided Op-Ed commentaries which blame everything on the Palestinians, like those of their own.

Israel does not recognize the Rule of Law when it comes to their mistreatment of the Palestinians, and view the Media as their only court of justice. Remember, they control nearly all of the “judges” there.

The power of the media in the West is immeasurable. Perception is reality. You can control perception through crafty manipulation of the already pro-Israel American media, but only if the media is a willing partner in crime. And it is.

As the scenario continues, the Israelis would “briefly” invade” the Palestinian territories with the goal of destroying any semblance of civilian and social order. They would target all political structures and the poorly armed Palestinian police outposts.

The Israelis would step up their murders of Palestinians that they accuse without proof of being involved in acts of “terrorism” and “violence” — remember, defending oneself is considered an act of terrorism in Israel’s court of justice.

Israel would expand by annexing an additional 25 percent of the West Bank to create a land buffer around Jerusalem. Jerusalem has always been the primary goal of Israel’s 53 year-long war of preventing a real peace with the Palestinians.

When the killing spree and carnage is over, the Israelis would turn their swords into plowshares of true hatred by erecting a Berlin-type wall around Israel, the third W of this plan.

Israel says this “Berlin Wall” would separate Israelis from Palestinians. But the real purpose is to again establish a fait accompli, that justifies their occupation of not only all of Jerusalem but more West Bank lands.

They will rely on journalistic sappers like Will and Krauthammer to pummel into silence any American politician who challenges this insanity. They will continue to distort the facts — Krauthammer falsely and repeatedly asserts in every column justifying his words of hatred that the Israelis offered at Camp David last June to “share Jerusalem” with the Palestinians. It’s an outright lie. Will continues to ignore Sharon’s crimes, blaming everything on Yasir Arafat.

Ironically, while Krauthammer and Will also point to the alleged “hate-mongering” in the Palestinian press, they themselves set new standards in hateful writing, certain to win them more honorariums, awards and accolades from pro-Israeli groups.

The strategy of the Three W’s — words of hatred, all out war, and the wall — is intended to give Israel what it wants regardless of international law, and the fact that as the conflict continues the truth will get out.

The Israelis want to insure that by the time the truth does come out, it will be too late to change the facts on the ground. The one W that is missing from Israelis strategy is that what Israel is doing is “Wrong.”

(Ray Hanania is a Palestinian American writer based in Chicago and a regular contributor to MMN. His columns are archived on the web at

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