The Hastening American Decline: Transfer of the American Industrial Base

The transfer of the American industrial base to remote regions of the planet continues, especially to China. It is inescapable that the militarization of some of those regions to protect the prodigious capitalist investment must logically follow. In particular, the transfer of the American industrial base to China has already enabled them to radically improve their military strength, very often with American technology. This is a very ominous development for the American people and progressive societies everywhere. Globalysts are enemies of western democracies and have strong fascist tendencies. The Chinese economic model is the dream of all capitalists and the nightmare of everybody else.

America and the other western nations are at once the crucible of the Globalyst and elitist ruling class but are also the only societies that could put a check on their worldly ambitions. It is the western societies that have provided their people with the power of the vote, constitutional law and mass education. It is these societies that are the greatest threat to the ruling class’s ambition of establishing world dominion in the very near future. Therefore it follows that western culture will be and is under assault on several fronts. In support of the above let me provide certain well-known facts and also suggest some room for thought.

The Militarization and Transfer of American Technology to China

It is common knowledge that Israel has been sending classified American technology to China for some time. Going to “” and searching for “Israel, China, Technology” can verify this. The results of this search are astounding, a small sampling of these results follow.

a) According to the Washington Times, Bill Gertz, July 2, 2002

“US intelligence agencies have identified an Israeli-made antiradar weapon deployed with Chinese forces opposite Taiwan, The Washington Times has learned.”

“US intelligence officials said the Harpys identified with Chinese forces were equipped with antiradar bomb systems and were not reconnaissance drones.”

“Israel in recent years has become a major supplier of weapons and weapons technology to China.”

“In 1992, the Pentagon investigated intelligence reports that Israel covertly exported US Patriot missile technology to China. Israel and China denied the reports. US intelligence officials were convinced the transfer took place.”

“In another case of China-Israel military cooperation, a classified Defense Intelligence Agency report stated in 1999 that Israel was suspected of sharing restricted US weapons technology with China related to a battlefield laser gun.”

b) Paraphrasing from

“Photographs released by the Pentagon of two Chinese jets that had shadowed the EP-3E Aries II on April 1 showed they were armed with Israeli-made Python air-to-air missiles. It was the first public proof of what had for years been an open secret in the defense community – that Israel is a supplier of sophisticated modern weaponry to the Chinese military. “

“Already in 1997, the New York Daily News carried a report suggesting that US pilots patrolling the skies over the Iraqi no-fly zones faced the risk of being shot down by Chinese PL-8 missiles, developed in Israel.

c) WASHINGTON (CNN) November 11, 1999 – “President Bill Clinton said the US military had “good reason to have questions” about plans by Israel to sell an advanced radar system to China. “

The Silent American Voice  (Foreign ownership and influence over the American Media)

According to an article in the November 29, 1999, issue of “The Nation Magazine,” “The New Global Media” by Robert W. McChesney, the global media has come to be dominated by eight transnational corporations, or TNCs that also happen to rule the US media. These are General Electric, AT&T/Liberty Media, Disney, Time Warner, Sony, News Corporation, Viacom, Seagram, and Bertelsmann. The foreign owned media includes Sony (Japan), Bertelesmann (Germany), and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation (Australian) while the rest are American.

One can expect that the foreign owned media may not speak for the American public’s interest but sadly neither does the American owned media. General Electric and AT&T although American are also multinationals and in effect are stateless and can only be expected to speak for their own narrow interests.

Jewish interests dominate the remaining American media giants, Disney, AOL/Time Warner, Seagram, and Viacom. In fact even Rupert Murdock’s News Corporation is not free from significant Israeli influence. Our leading newspapers, the New York Times and the Washington Post are no exception. In the case of Israel they all speak for Israeli interests. Another newspaper of note is the very conservative Washington Times. This is also a foreign owned newspaper. It must be conceded that the reporting by the media is very complex and in fact is not without redeeming features or even fair reporting at times, however it is still all too often a “Puppet Show. Who then speaks for the American people and the vital interests of our country? The true American voices have been reduced to whispers.

Denigration of American and Western Culture

Hollywood is a powerful instrument in the marginalization and weakening of western culture and in fact most cultures. Foreign countries are very disturbed by the assault of what they claim to be “American Culture.” However what most people don’t realize is that America is the first and most aggrieved victim of this Hollywood culture. America is far better than what is portrayed in the media. The media is a national insult and in fact demonstrates nothing more than the contempt and ill will that the ruling class has for America. Lately the contempt has become more specific and in fact men of European extraction have been singled out for special treatment. It is almost universal that men of “perceived European extraction” are denigrated where possible in virtually “all” of the advertising that is placed on the American television. The movies and the TV drama and comedies are almost equally degrading.  This is a genuine civil rights issue that must be addressed.

Unchecked immigration from the third world, mostly in the United States but also in other western countries can be seen as another facet of the same general plan. It is hoped that these individuals will have a weak association with democracy and lack progressive instincts. They have been very effective in reducing union membership in the more lucrative trades. However it must be said that many of these third world immigrants have also blessed us with their scholarship and well-behaved and studious children. Although Hollywood has not yet poisoned the first generation children, in time it would be expected that its foul embrace would also taint them. Presumably this flood of third world immigrants will enable the ruling class (wealthy capitalists) to dilute the progressive and liberal foundation of the American culture and also eventually cause cultural confusion through intermarriage. The mass immigration may eventually prove this to be an unfounded fear. Only time w! ill tell.

The Failing American Public School System

Public apathy is cultivated and nurtured by an inattentive and callous government and by public ignorance. The public ignorance is in turn fostered by a public school system that is in many ways doomed to fail. This occurs despite the heroic efforts by many dedicated and caring teachers. If we need more talent than America can provide with this system, we simply import the talent from foreign countries.

Public schools are by their very nature meant for the middle class and poor and therefore are predisposed to the production of a mediocre product. This class bias is maintained through structural impediments built into the educational system. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT) is responsible for a significant portion of the curriculum in American public schools and was started in 1913 by some of the same folks that brought you the Federal Reserve System. CFAT is a publicly funded private education foundation started by one of the Robber Barons for the education of the working class.

Getting hyperactive children to sleep soundly in the classroom is not easy. This amazing ability begins by putting their teachers to sleep in the teacher colleges. We have an overriding emphasis on “how to teach” rather than on “what to teach.” The teaching curriculum is taught by and large, separately from the otherwise standard and usually more rigorous college courses. This is important since the teachers (on the job) will be given course material and school texts written by obscure clerks and educators in large multinational corporations. This material is not only frequently inaccurate but is also pedantic. The teachers are innocent in all of this since they lack depth in the requisite area and are unable to critique the given material.

It would be far better to eliminate the teacher curriculum, teacher colleges and the Department of Education. The Teaching Certificate should be a Badge of Honor that is earned through rigorous training especially in at least two major subjects. Supplemental education courses should be taken after graduation.

I would also give local colleges and universities oversight over public schools in their immediate vicinity. They would determine curriculum and would ensure that the teachers in the public schools are well trained and the course material is adequate. The colleges will be receiving the end product so this idea is logically consistent.

Forgive me for skipping other serious education issues, which includes funding based on property tax instead of income tax, poor teacher salaries, large class sizes and frequently very difficult working conditions.

The Israeli Occupation of the American Congress and of the White House

Powerful Jewish/Israeli interests have a strong influence in deciding the next President and very often determine congressional candidates. Twenty percent of the money flowing into the Democratic Party from all sources comes from Jewish organizations and voters.

This formidable ability to significantly influence the election of the next president resides with the Jewish controlled New York Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal reserve Chairman. They have substantial power to determine the Interest rates and money supply.

The direction of the money supply and interest rates beginning about one year before the election are a powerful influence on the health of the economy at the time of the election. This is a major factor in determining the next president. A weak economy during the election will ruin the chances for the incumbent. Similarly, the lowering of the interest rates one year before the election will help the economy and the incumbent. This line of reasoning can be traced back through successive administrations to support the above thesis.

The one constant that determines the Federal Reserve action relative to interest rates and the election is the candidates support for the Zionist position. It largely explains Jimmy Carter’s loss to Ronald Reagan. Jimmy Carter was actively pressuring Israel and was instrumental in forging the Camp David Accords. Apparently Carter was a little too aggressive.

During his second run the interest rates had exceeded 21% and this fact was broadcast widely and frequently in the critical news media along with the negative Iranian hostage update. The rationale offered indicated that the federal deficit had exceeded $70 billion and this financial hemorrhage was driving up interest rates.

When Reagan came into office his deficits were astronomical and the total federal debt increased by a few trillion, but the same Federal Reserve managed to get the interest rate back to 6%. During Reagan’s reelection the economy was permitted to recover from the recession that was induced soon after he assumed office.

President Bush number one made the mistake of pressuring Israel to back off from it plans to settle new immigrants in the occupied territories of Palestine and in general incurred the wrath of Israel throughout his presidency.

He blames the Federal Reserve for his loss because the “Federal Reserve kept interest rates too high leading into the elections.” In fact the former Secretary of Defense of Israel wrote a book which touched on Bush’s loss of the Presidency and the tremendous hostility that was generated between Israel and the Bush administration. The book is titled “The Broken Covenant.” Here Arens indicated that it was the policy of the Jewish lobby to wreck Bush’s chances for a reelection because of his high handed meddling in Israeli affairs.

President Clinton was a keen observer and during his bid for the second term must have settled with the Jewish lobby, especially at the Federal Reserve, perhaps Alan Greenspan. The economy was stellar during his reelection bid. However one can discern a distinct shift in the Clinton foreign policy after the election. It was as if a new president emerged.

During his first term he managed to maintain a relatively benign foreign policy but increasing belligerency marked his second term. During his second term in office he appeared to relinquish significant control of his administration to Jewish advisors. His second administration was dominated by them and in fact I would argue that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was probably an effort (successful) to distract and crush Clinton so the Israeli/Jewish controlled interests had a relatively free hand in steering American foreign policy during his second term.

During the last election we had Greenspan declaring about one year before the election that interest rates were going up to prevent possible inflation that was awaiting the economy in the near future. Of course this was totally false and for those individuals in the know it was certainly a signal as to which way the economy and stock market were going on Election Day. Greenspan had made it possible for George Bush to become the next president even if it required help from the Supreme Court.

According to the September 12 issue of the World and News report, the most influential members in George Bush’s cabinet were distinctly Jewish. In fact Rice, Aschroft, Powell and Rumsfeld have most recently been marginalized by recent mistakes some of which looked contrived. The remaining Jewish members of the cabinet presumably have even more power now although they have kept a low profile.

Israeli Spying and Possible Blackmail

The influence the Israeli government has on our congress and executive is extreme. I have tried to show the various ways in which this has been brought about in what has been already written, however there is one more factor that may be sufficient and more powerful than all the rest.

Incredibly, FOX NEWS had placed a four part series by Carl Cameron beginning on December 11 about massive ongoing Israeli spying in this country prior to 9/11. These spies were tracked by various intelligence agencies of the American government since the early 90’s. There were 140 Israelis arrested by the FBI prior to 9/11 and 60 more arrested after 9/11. It is believed that some of the 60 in fact were aware of the terrorist plot but for reasons only known to them and possibly the Israeli government chose to remain silent. These spies were quietly returned to Israel and this may go a long way to explaining why this administration is refusing to disclose the names of those detained after 9/11.

The most amazing part of the story disclosed by FOX NEWS indicated two Israeli companies had a potential wiretap on every phone in America for years, along with the ability to record and monitor almost any persons phone call, anywhere in America. This arrangement is still in place.

The first Israeli Company is Amdocs and it has a contract with 90% of American phone companies as well as other companies around the world to provide directory services and billing. The ability to know the parties called is of great value even if one has not listened to the conversation.

Comverse Infosys is the second Israeli Company and it has contracts to perform almost all the official wiretaps for US local, state and federal law enforcement officials. The US law enforcement wiretaps, authorized by the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement (CALEA), appears to have been breached by organized crime units working inside Israel and the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

Both Attorney General John Ascroft and FBI director Robert Mueller were warned on Oct. 18 in a hand-delivered letter from local, state and federal law enforcement officials. The warning stated, “Law enforcement’s current electronic surveillance capabilities are less effective today than they were at the time CALEA was enacted.”

With the ability to listen and monitor virtually all the phone traffic in the country, Israel has the ability to blackmail our elected leaders with the knowledge thus gained about those proverbial skeletons in the closet. However this has implications for all thinking people critical of Israel since it is but a simple matter for a well connected Israeli to make a discrete phone call to known Israeli sympathizers within ones place of employment. This could result in a thwarted career or worse, a subsequent loss of employment. The commercial advantages of monitoring private business conversations are also translated into cold hard cash.

The Israeli and Russian Relationship

The following information has been extensively paraphrased from an excellent and very prophetic article written by Leon T. Hadar. This appeared in the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs, December/January 1991/1992 page 7.

According to Seymour Hersh’s book The Samson Option, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Shamir delivered to the Soviets “sanitized” US secrets stolen by American spy Jonathan Pollard.

In December 1987, a United Press International story quoted US intelligence analysts indicating that the Pollard material was traded to the Soviets in return for promises to increase emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel. However Hersh provided another explanation. He indicated that Israel wanted to establish Soviet good will “as a means of offsetting Israel’s traditional reliance on the US.”

This Israeli-US relationship, according to Hersh, disturbed the Prime Minister for personal as well as diplomatic reasons. Hersh quotes an Israeli source as confirming that Shamir “viscerally disliked the US.” The Israeli Prime Minister has always been fascinated with authority and strong regimes. He sees the US as very soft, bourgeois, materialistic and effete,” according to the Israeli source.

Hadar pointed to a weakening of the US-Israeli “strategic alliance, resulting from the end of the cold war and the diminished Soviet threat. He opined that this probably reminded Shamir of the loosening French-Israeli ties that accompanied the end of the Algerian war in 1962. It was only after the 1967 War that Israel switched from its French to an American orientation.  Shamir has been trying behind the scenes to replace the US with new patrons. They have even approached Europe (EU) as well as Turkey with varying degrees of success.

In the last paragraph of the article called Catch 22, Hadar (1991/1992) spelled out in chilling detail a plan by some in Israel to count on instabilities in the Middle East to result in a violent confrontation between Islamic countries and the West. This they hoped would resuscitate Israel’s role as a self-proclaimed “strategic asset.”

An article in the Wall Street Journal by Likud propagandist Daniel Doran around the same time titled “The Mideast’s Real Troubles Aren’t Arab-Israeli” The article postulated that the Arab Israeli conflict is a sideshow with little geopolitical significance. Israel was the target of convenience for Islam’s great sense of hurt and obsessive hostility toward the West.

I will again quote from the very last sentence in this very excellent article.  ” If a US president were gullible enough to believe such arguments propounded by Israel’s well-entrenched allies in the US media and foreign policy establishments, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict might indeed become a sideshow as the US floundered, with its Israeli “ally”, in a bloody swamp.

The Bloody Swamp (What follows is mainly conjecture)

Some observations are in order. Israel is not now and has never been an American ally, at least not in any formal sense. There are no treaties that I know of that bind Israel to the defense of the American people under any circumstance. American presidents have made all of the commitments for the defense and military aid of Israel.

Israel’s waltz with Uncle Sam is almost over. This relationship is no longer tenable. Israel fully realizes this and has already selected her other mules and benefactors. Time is not on Israel’s side.

These other mules and benefactors include China and Russia. In fact Israel may have promised to deliver the American corpse on their doorstep in return for that favor. After the corpse is buried they will form a triple socialist/communist alliance like the good old days with Israel as their silent and secret partner, at least for the short term. This relationship is more compatible with Shamir’s vision and long term goals and may also be compatible with Israel’s strong socialist tendencies.

I would say that my biggest fear is that Israel and certain powerful American Jewish interests have come to terms with China. In return for a very favorable position in the controlling (but hidden) structure of the new Chinese economy with it’s unsurpassed potential they have decided to make a definitive break with the United States and in effect to “shift horses.”

In order for this to work and in fact to protect the Globalyst’s new investments in China it stands to reason that the greatest threat to the Chinese investments must be removed. American power must be brought to its knees. This is not necessarily at odds with the Non-Jewish members of the established Globalyst interests since none of this is possible without their close cooperation.

The attack on the financial center and its symbol, the WTC, may be just a part of this scheme. In fact the American response to this assault will have it destroy Israel’s enemies along with America’s own power. American power will be spread all over the world in indefensible positions fighting impoverished countries, spilling American blood and treasure. America will bankrupt herself, foster home terrorism, and be very vulnerable to a Chinese assault, first in Taiwan and then in the Caspian region.

In fact it is not unreasonable to assume that a triple alliance including Israel, China, and Russia may be set to embarrass the American colossus in any future conflict America has with Iraq or Iran with Israel being the hidden partner in the triple alliance. The brutality of the American occupation in Afghanistan and the expected attack on Islam by America may make any Chinese and/or Russian intervention seem liberating by comparison. We have been maneuvered into rejecting all our allies and we stand alone in this present madness. If this comes to pass the resulting aftermath will see an imposed settlement in the region largely on the Chinese and Russian model. The hidden partner Israel can be expected to profit from the settlement and eventually be integrated into this newly invigorated socialist/communist sphere of influence.

The military defeat and/or humiliation and bankruptcy of the American people coupled with the largely foreign ownership of the “private” Federal Reserve Bank which owns this American debt will transform America into nothing more than a third world colony.

This is argument is not without merit when you consider that an Israeli fifth column is pushing this country to war against Iraq in opposition to the unanimous objections of out top military leaders, our NATO allies, and the full community of nations. If Israel can drag this county into war as a hated nation without support from our allies she can drag us into a less than honorable peace.

Allan Billings, an author with a lifelong interest in peace and progressive causes, contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from Fairfax, VA, USA.