The Government’s Take: What Is Caesar’s?

We want protection; we demand protection. We are Americans who have always felt safe on our soil without worry of someone bombing us, exploding our nuclear reactors, boarding flights with foot dynamite, or ramming our own planes into our own buildings. But things have changed. We have become vulnerable . . . and we despise it, fear it.

I love hearing stories by our elders who tell about unlocked doors, safely sauntering dark lanes after dusk, letting children out to romp without trepidation of them being kidnapped; and how neighbors believed that others’ health and welfare were as important as their own.

Today it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a home security or cellular or GP or ID chip system. We don’t let our children walk the streets during the day, let alone at night, or even play in our backyards unsupervised. Making eye contact with an "outsider" is risky business; going to the bathroom alone in a public place is a dangerous thing; and picking up hitchhikers, or even riding with strangers during an emergency are insane acts. Drive-by shootings are commonplace, terrifying, unpredictable as to when and where and whom.

It’s a scary world for sure, so much so that we’re pleading with our government to make our lives safe again. Our bureaucrats say that in order to do that, we will have to forfeit some of our rights, especially exposing our privacy so the regime knows everything about us and what our psychological profiles dictate what we’ll do. Relinquishing our right to bear arms, going through one detector after another to enter a place, and allowing ourselves to be followed on paper, on monitors, on phones, and on the internet are just a few examples of the beginning of the end of the good ol’ US of A freedoms. Granted, perilous times require extreme measures, but when are we crossing the line from being a free people to an oppressed one? Are we not becoming a police state . . . teetering on a Socialist, Totalitarian, worldwide, all-inclusive existence? Is this not what the Bible warns? The New World Order is here and bulldozing right over us.

The leaders are diminishing our Constitutional rights and forcing us to distribute our country’s wealth that our brothers and sisters, parents and grandfathers fought for at the risk of their own lives. It is no secret that the UN plans on taking the riches from the well-heeled, flush countries (America heads the list) and dispensing them to Third World countries, but what about the poor, the handicapped, the unemployed in our own nation? The Lord tells us to be generous but He also expects us to take care of our own first. All one has to do is travel through indigent and jobless areas such as Appalachia, inner cities, subways, or veteran hospitals, even visit the lame and ill in their homes who have no medical insurance, to see who should be the primary focus in our dominion. That’s why our loved ones and forefathers went to war: To keep America free, secure, healthy, first-rate, and spiritually empowered and growing. The UN is dictating to us – the mightiest country in the world – as to whom should pay Caesar and how much, or who we should and should not worship, and when. God is not on their agenda, and the state and world commandos will do whatever it takes to remove Him from our lives while allowing sorcery, witchcraft and various occult and pagan rituals the right to practice. Even Muslims and other non-Christians religions are given their own time and place to worship in public settings, but Christians must be cautious lest they hurt someone at the very drop of the word "Lord." Christianity in any form has become the forbidden fruit nearly universally; tolerance of everything but it is encouraged, even required in some educational curricula.

Whatever happened to swearing on a Bible in court, to living "under God" as our forefathers wanted when they helped found this country? What ever happened to America’s autonomy and rule by majority – not by a dictator, or another governing body like the United Nations, nor by
terrorists, special interest groups, secret societies, the Elite, and preferential organizations? When did we individual Americans stop being counted as the lion’s share of desires and votes? Governance is by the minority now; equality has dissipated along with our democratic and God-loving country

In Government Is Not ‘Us’ by Sheldon Richman (June 6, 2004), we see not only where our existence is headed, but also the support for my thesis in this commentary:

It won’t do to argue that . . . we are the government. . . . They pass and enforce decrees telling us what we can and can’t do with our lives and our property. . . . People want to come here because . . . there is still something left of the private life. . . . But [it] is not as secure as it once was. . . . There was a time when one did not worry that his house would be condemned and given to a real-estate developer because the planned shopping mall will raise more tax revenues for the local government. . . . We sing the praises of freedom . . . but freedom doesn’t mean what it once meant. It used to mean personal autonomy, and self-ownership, but now it means little more than the vote.

Sheldon Richman is senior fellow at The Future of Freedom Foundation, and editor of The Freeman magazine and author of "’Ancient History’: U.S. Conduct in the Middle East since World War II and the Folly of Intervention."

I fret over whether this is all a grand scheme where our bureaucrats permit heinous acts for the purpose of making us less unified as a country and more unified as a one world society. Anything that may harm us — whether real or contrived (contaminated environment, riotous spots, galloping lawbreakers, fiendish actions, a dissolving rich economy, a distressed health care system and an equally plagued social security organization, a poor educational structure, questionable religious institutes, and decadence in our moral and traditional values) — forces us to turn to headship for solace and help.

Yet it is they who we likely should fear – they who turn their backs on our Constitution; they who enforce acts that were never ratified by the American people, such as the Federal Reserve; they who sneak in bills that reduce our rights, such as COG’s "Government Commission" and Rep. Brian Baird’s H.J. Res 83 which would allow for U.S. House members to be appointed rather than elected by the American people. The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is another act they want to ratify which would sanction "the UN to have control over 70% of the Earth’s surface which would amount to the single largest transfer of American sovereignty to the United Nations in history" [APCalert; 6/14/04; American Policy Center:]. These are but a few of many worrisome rights being taken away from us by them – the grand domestic and international privileged and major players who have a plan for building more wealth and a new kingdom for themselves . . . only — thus disregarding individuals and their rights.

Living daily in anxiety from threats by terrorists, a worsening economy, weakening sacred, marital and educational institutions, a loss of morals, and a trouncing of individual and national rights, subjugates us to the will and whim of those in control. It’s time we start keeping a close eye on what our and the world’s rulers are always doing, what they’re sneaking in on us, pulling over us, forcing down our throats in veiled words and deeds.

And why not promote good will among us and detente with other countries while still protecting us and our rights? Why not teach our children from the get-go what is and isn’t proper; how to be both respectful and yet lead; how to appreciate our country, be loyal to it, and yet be critically constructive about it; how to correct our faults while still retaining our identity and sovereignty?

What belongs to the people should remain with the people. To accomplish all of this means that we as parents must take an active role in teaching our children what rightfully is ours, what rightfully goes to Caesar, and what rightfully is due our loving Lord.