The Dream is Dead — Biden is In

Barack Obama convinced some gullible people that his candidacy represented "change you can believe in" or something like that.

Sorry Charlie — Barack has gone rapidly from a campaigner for the audacity of hope/change to a shill for the mainstream Democratic Party, which is the opposite side of the same coin holding the Republican Party.

Joe Biden is a stallwart of the status quo. He is Pro-Zionism, which means he is Pro-War in the Middle East. There is no hope of change for the better in the Middle East. If anything, the potential war increase of warmaking is higher than it was under the Bush Administration the past few years.

Obama/Biden has no ring to it. It is a putrid rehash of what is the worst in American politics. Obama/Biden will probably lose this election, because they stand for nothing new and thus lose the appeal that originally charged the Obama campaign. Hillary supporters will be distinctly unenthusiastic, perhaps sitting out the election altogether without voting. Obama supporters cannot possibly be excited by this choice, and will quickly lose all forward momentum. Young voters cannot possibly be excited by Biden.

The only people who stand a chance of getting excited about the Obama/Biden ticket are the Republicans, because they now see a clear pathway to victory. They see that voters will surely choose a real Republican ticket over a counterfeit Republican ticket. All they have to do is be themselves and the obvious will be manifest on election day.

What a huge loss this is for American democracy? If Obama had chosen a qualified woman as his running mate, or another progressive minority member, such as Bill Richardson, he could have received huge catalyzed energy. Instead, the only people in the Democrat side of the aisle who are excited are the professional politicos. The Democrat Convention, full of devoted delegates, will be somewhat exciting for the few. And then it will all dissipate into bitter disappointment by election day.

Get ready for President McCain and some wild times between the new president and the new congress.