The Destruction of WTC and the Pentagon

This author and the entire Muslim world, including the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, have condemned the destruction of lives and properties at the WTC, the Pentagon and four airplanes on September 11, 2001 and stand deeply in sorrow and in solidarity with the survivors of the victims. The actual criminals who committed the crimes are dead but their comrades are in hiding; they should be found and brought to justice. At the same time, make no mistake that it would be equally wrong and criminal to go into ventures of vendettas on mere suspicion without irrefutable evidence.

Who is behind the air crashes? The U.S. government’s case

The U.S. government has declared that all roads lead to Osama Bin Ladin and he is the prime suspect. The evidence given is that nineteen Arabic names were found in the airlines’ manifests and some of them matched with those who attended pilot training schools. Additional evidence given is that a pilot’s manual in the Arabic language was found in a rented car in the airport parking lot. Also some of those Arabs were found in a tavern in Florida bragging about their operation. They were found dancing and womanizing despite the allegations that they were followers of Osama Bin Ladin. These are contradictions because being “followers of Islam” and indulging in major sins like, killing innocent non-combatants, drinking liquor and womanizing yet expecting martyrdom (shahadah) for Islam do not mix. The U.S. government’s case is based on theory, which is rooted in prejudice, hate and fear of Islam and Muslims fueled by anti-Islam bigots worldwide. The U.S. government has failed in providing a shred of irrefutable evidence in support of her theory. On the other hand, more and more evidence is being collected by the people in support of my and the Muslim world’s theory, joined by many thinking non-Muslim writers, that Israel and its Zionist friends were the perpetrators of the crime. It is the faulty psychology of many, includes some Muslims, that the government knows best and its theory is fact and all others are only bumbling talkers.

Alternate Theory and Evidence:

I have already presented in my September 11 article that this crime was the work of Israel and her Zionist friends. After two weeks my case has become stronger because a lot of people have provided the evidence which the U.S. government refuses to look into. I present this evidence under two sub-topics, (a) logical conclusions, and (b) supportive evidence.

Logical Conclusions:

1. Instruction Manual in Arabic. Law enforcement official found pilot instructions in the Arabic language left behind in a rented car in a parking lot. Logically this was an attempt to frame Arabs because no criminal would leave behind such evidence. Besides, many of them were known to have been living in the U.S. for many years, attended institutions and colleges and knew English very well. Obviously, they did not need an instruction manual in the Arabic language. Those manuals appear to have been planted.

2. Fake Crew. Two Arabs appeared at an airport in the East with fake pilot licenses, which makes no sense because criminals would not provide anything that would arouse suspicion of them being criminals and get arrested even before boarding the airplane. This was a deliberate attempt to frame Arabs. Three Arab looking persons bringing their luggage marked “crew” while they were not crew members is another deliberate attempt to frame Arabs.

3. Forged Identities. Israel, reportedly, has a department for making forged documents of any country, such as, identity cards, passports, certificates, etc. and routinely forges them for infiltration of spies. Israeli spies have penetrated into every Muslim country and routinely collect information about the people. It is very easy for Israel to make fake documents for its own spies and saboteurs and infiltrate them as Arabs if it wants to frame Arabs in a crime. Israel is perfectly capable of developing track records of its own spies as Arabs, provide them documents as Arabs, implant them, commit crimes and frame Arabs. Read BY WAY OF DECEPTION by Victor Ostrovsky, St. Matins Press, New York, 1991. It is, therefore, important to track down every Arab name from birth to death, if that name is involved in a crime. To develop tracking records as Arabs, Israeli spies can have credit cards as Arabs, register at pilot schools as Arabs, rent apartments as Arabs, have families as Arabs and do everything necessary to frame Arabs in heinous crimes.

4. Infiltration and Coordination. The Zionists are in every field of activity in the U.S. which includes aviation, pilots, communication, FBI, CIA, airports, security, flight control towers, law enforcement, the media, the White House, the Congress and they are sitting in positions of power with the ability of coordinating activities with any one. Arabs and Muslims are not found in such positions to help in any criminal activity. Admittedly, the air crashes at the WTC and the Pentagon required a lot of coordination and inside help which no Muslim terrorist could have received.

5. Motivation and Benefit. The most important question in any criminal investigation raised is that of motivation and benefit. No one wants to give up their lives by committing suicide unless there are benefits in it for him and/or his people. The U.S. government has totally failed in providing a believable and convincing motivation for any Muslim group, including Osama Bin Ladin. The most absurd claims are that the Muslims are jealous of the U.S. prosperity and life style, or they hate American liberty, or that they hate democracy and capitalism. Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Kuwait and many other countries are just as prosperous if not more and they have less crime than the U.S., therefore, those countries should be the targets. Osama Bin Ladin came from a rich family and is personally rich. Why should he become an enemy of the U.S.? On the other hand, Israel has the motivation to commit the crime and frame the Muslims. The last two weeks have proven that Israel is the only beneficiary of the crime because Israel has improved its public image and Muslims have received a very bad image, both were the goals of the Israelis. The public opinion about Israel in the U.S. and the world was tarnishing due to Intifadah: eleven months of stones verses the tanks and machine guns. Israeli public image was dismal due to Israeli indiscriminate killing and shelling of villages and finally, their walkout of the UN Racism Conference in Durban. Israel has recovered her positive image and Arabs have been defeated in the public image. No one wants to fly in an airplane if there is an Arab or a Muslim in the same plane. Anti-Islam bigots led by Israel have won big time, therefore, it is concluded that Israel had every motivation to commit the crime and frame the Arabs and the Muslims. Muslims and Arabs have been the net losers in the public opinion worldwide and Israel is the net beneficiary.

6. Contradictions to Islam. Alcoholic drinking, womanizing, dancing and killing non-combatant civilians are not permitted in Islam. These are violations of the Qur’anic injunctions and the concept of Islamic martyrdom (shahadah) leading to paradise. Naturally, no Muslim would fall in to the deception of committing sins and hoping to go to Paradise.

7. Holes in the FBI Case. According to the list nineteen hijackers published by the FBI, United flights 93 and 175 had only one pilot each, American flight 77 had no pilots and American flight 11 had four pilots which makes no sense. A closer look at the case will show many other holes because the U.S. government theories are flawed.

Supportive Evidence:

1. David Stern Report ([email protected]). This report dated September 13, 2001, says that a U.S military intelligence memo points to the Israeli Mossad intelligence having links to the WTC and Pentagon attacks. This four-week-old intelligence memo “described information that pointed to the threat of a covert Israeli operation on U.S. soil to turn mass public opinion against Palestinian Arabs via an apparent terrorist attack on US interests.” Neither President Bush nor Donald Rumsfeld nor John Ashcroft have clearly denied the existence of the memo. Until and unless the US government denies it in clear terms, the Stern Report will be taken as true and Israel will remain a prime suspect in the eyes of the Muslims and neutral world.

2. The Famous 4000 Israelis. There is a persistent Internet report that was mentioned on ABC Nightline on September 25 that 4000 Israeli workers at the WTC Towers did not go to work on September 11. This raised speculation that the Israelis knew something that was not known to others. The U.S. authorities, including the State Department, are silent on this point. Unless the U.S. denies this rumor, in a convincing manner, it is going to persist and will be taken as true and will certainly implicate Israelis in the crime, that they saved their own 4,000 from certain death while allowing the other 7,000 to perish.

3. The List of Missing or Dead. Knowing that the Jews dominate financial institutions, their proportion as employees in finance and the markets is disproportionately high. I suspect that the Jews will be at least 25% in financial institutions, therefore among the 50,000 persons who worked in the Twin Towers, Jews were at least 12,000. 7,000 Out of the 50,000 are dead which is 14% of the total. By interpolation, the death toll of the Jews may be about 1,700 and it is relevant to the investigation to find if the death toll of the Jews was much lower than that. This is not a ill wish for an ethnic group but an inquiry for the truth. According to President Bush 130 Jews died in the crash and the buildings, hmm! It is noteworthy that all Jews are not Zionists and non-Zionists receive no sympathy from the State of Israel.

4. Five Erratic Israelis. It is reported that from the top of a nearby building five Israelis were videotaping the air crashes, and of the buildings burning, smoking and falling and they were jubilant. Did they know ahead of time that the crash was going to take place? No answer is coming from the U.S. government. This is a very relevant question for the investigation. Why are the investigators silent on this question?

5. Cancelled Visit of Ariel Sharon. The murderer of Sabra and Shatila, who happens to be the Prime Minister of Israel, was scheduled to travel to the U.S. and appear at a pro-Israel rally in New York City on September 11, but this trip was cancelled by Shabak, an Israeli secret service agency. Does it mean that Shabak knew something which was not shared with the U.S. government? Or was Shabak the main perpetrator of planning and execution of those air crashes?

6. Living-Dead Pilot Terrorists. According to the U.S. government there were nineteen Arab terrorists in four airplanes which crashed on September 11 and among them at least seven have been identified as Saudi nationals. However, it is reported that Prince Naif, Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia announced that all seven were known and living well in their country. There are doubts about others, if they were real people or dead people’s name resurrected by the Israelis for the air crashes. At least one of them is known to have died a year earlier. Evidently, Israelis forged the identities of Arab pilots and engineers for framing the Muslims to achieve its goals of turning world public opinion in its favor and against the Muslims living in the West. On September 27 Nightline, ABC News produced a faceless “Max” who supposedly received training in a Osama Bin Ladin camp and recognized one of the 19 as a co-trainee; he gave a different name to this person from the one published by the FBI. The story of Max had holes, giving clues to his fake story. This is a very familiar FBI technique when it wants to frame people in a crime. Sheikh Omar Abdur Rahman was framed by the use of a similar “Max” who turned out to be Imad Salim, an Egyptian crook, who perjured himself for one million dollars and a life under the witness protection program of the FBI. We can expect more of them coming out of the bushes, faceless people concocting stories for the FBI or CIA so that politically correct results are produced to satisfy naive American people.

7. Stock Market Aberrations. According to ABC News and the Chicago Tribune, during the week before the air crashes, the stocks of United Airlines, American Airlines and those companies whose offices were in the Twin Towers were very heavily traded. It was the worst case of insider trading and is being investigated. Evidently somebody knew about the forthcoming air crashes. Note that the stock market is heavily dominated by the Zionists. Muslims are almost absent in the stock market. The U.S. government and relevant agencies have a duty to report to the American people and the world explaining aberrations of the stock market.

8. A Happy Israeli. It has been reported that at least one or more Israelis were found to be celebrating when they heard about air crashes. Why were they so happy if they had nothing to gain from the death of almost 7,000 innocent people and the destruction of properties?

9. Were there Happy Palestinians? Pro-Israeli media, CNN, was ready with the video clips of happy Palestinians and showed it as a celebration on September 11. Why was it done if Israel had no interest in the air crashes and Israelis were mourning the dead? Naturally, Israel and her supporters were ready to make maximum damage to the Arab image worldwide and that was one of their goals in enacting air crashes and framing the Muslims and Arabs.

10. A Mole in the White House. There was a report that the Air Force One received a threat while in the air with President Bush. There are two unsolved mysteries, (a) how the terrorists found the phone number of the Air Force One and learned how to scramble the message? (b) The language used was a special White House code; how did the terrorists have those coded words? A logical conclusion is that there is a mole in the White House. No one is talking about this matter except in a cursory manner. There are no Muslims employed in the White House but there are numerous Zionists who have worked and continue to work there.

11. Airline Manifests. A partial list of airlines manifests has been published in Europe and it is available on the Internet which contains no Arabic names! Where did the Bush government obtained those 19 Arabic names? How was it discovered that the same people had taken flight training at private schools? Evidently, these were supplied by the perpetrators so that the Arabs are nailed down immediately before the government had any chance of suspecting the real criminals, that is, Shabak or some other Israeli sabotage agency.

Bush Declares War

In his declaration of war Bush and company said two things, which are extremely important for the Muslims to ponder over: (a) he declared a Crusade, and (b) uttered the phrase “dry up the swamp.” These two phrases are of extreme importance to understand. Simultaneously, he declared that this was not a war on Islam or against the Muslims. We need to examine these declarations.

What is a Crusade? The Crusades were against Islam, that is, to destroy Islam and take over their lands, kill as many Muslims as possible and forcefully Christianize those who survived. Bush contradicts himself when he declares his crusade and also says that it was not a war against Islam. Which part of his statement are we supposed to believe and which part was a deception?

What is drying up the swamp? The source of mosquitoes is a swamp. Just killing mosquitoes does not solve the problem because as long as there is a swamp to breed more mosquitoes, more of them will keep coming. It is, therefore, necessary to drain the water of the swamp and dry it to remove breeding place for the mosquitoes. According to the understanding of the West, Islamic schools (madarassahs) are the source of breeding Islamic scholars, teachers and some of the leaders. From such graduates of Islamic studies, some of them become radicals and may become terrorists. The West reasons that the source of terrorists is Islamic teachings, that is, the Qur’an, Sunnah, Seerah, Fiqh and Islamic history. If such teachings are removed that will be drying up the swamp. Naturally, the real campaign is against the teachings of Islam from the original sources. Mustafa Kamal destroyed Islamic teachings 85 years ago in Turkey and dried up the swamp thereby he became an ideal of all anti-Islam forces. Syria, Iraq, Libya, central Asian (Muslim) republics and other secularized anti-Islam states have adopted the same measures and removed real Islam from their countries. These countries allow only the teachings of Sufi Islam, which is essentially a secularized and christianized version of religion that was invented to survive under tyrannical rulers by dismembering politics and economics from the body of Islam. Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunis and a few other Muslim-majority countries are trying to adopt the ideals of Mustafa Kamal and his “Islam” as a model.

Understanding and attachment with the Qur’an and Sunnah gives rise to Islamic movements, such as, Ikhwan al-Muslimoon, Jamaat-e-Islami, FIS, HAMAS, Taliban, Tanzeem-e-Islami, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Tahrik-e-Khilafat and others who want to bring back total Islam to the lives of the people. The West hates these parties and their movements and they are swamps which breed activists and some of them become terrorists. Drying up the swamp means destroying these parties through sowing dissension and discord by infiltration and rumors. This is war on Islam whether Bush wants to say it or not but we understand. This is a war against the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet and we understand.

What can the Muslim Americans do? What Muslim Americans can do, no other Muslims can do. This is a “reach one and teach one” movement or an “one family a month” movement. If one Muslim invites two persons a month to his home or apartment for a meal and talks to them or one family invites a non-Muslim family (two adults and one or more children) a month, they can reach and educate 24 to 40 persons a year. There are seven million Muslims in the U.S. and the total population is 280 million. Among 7 million Muslims, there are at least 2 million families and if each family invites and educates one family a month, we can reach and educate 24 million to 48 million people a year. This way we can reach the entire population of the U.S. in ten years. The net effect would be the removal of prejudice, hate and fear of Islam from this country. Ignorance is the mother of hate, fear and prejudice and education removes it. The success of this project will have profound effects on the whole world.

What the U.S. can do? A change in the policies of the West towards the Muslim world would stop the breeding of terrorists and will dry the swamp. There is no need of a crusade against Islam but a crusade against the ignorance of Islam is essential. Bush does not need any overt or covert operation abroad but he needs a very inexpensive education campaign within the U.S. for accepting a neutral policy towards the Muslim world and burying the hostility against Islam and Muslims. The U.S. must stop using a double yardstick, one for the Arabs and Muslims and the other for the Israelis. The solution of terrorism is at home, Mr. Bush. Please reform the U.S. foreign policy towards the Muslim world and Israel and stop meddling in the Muslim world affairs. What is good for the West, that is good for the Muslim world! Let the Muslim world choose their own systems and their own governments. Stop propping up puppets.

The Disease and the Symptoms. The U.S. government and the media are leading the people into the fury of suppressing the symptoms, that is, terrorism whether done by the Israelis or the Muslims. No one except a few thinkers outside the government is talking about etiology of the underlying disease. It is like a belly ache and liver cancer. Liver cancer is the disease and aches and pains are the symptoms. You may cut out the stomach but it will not cure the cancer of the liver. Similarly, terrorism is a symptom of underlying disease or diseases. The disease should be found and treated. If we see the disease in concentric rings, the center belongs to the U.S. “meddling” in the Muslim countries and denying them self rule according to their own wishes. The next closest ring belongs to the American unconditional support of the tyrannical and unjust policies of the State of Israel and consequences of this support. There are some other secondary diseases, such as, economic and military embargoes on Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan and other Muslim countries. Also, the promotion of anti-Islam, anti-Muslim and anti-Arab bigotry worldwide by the governments, the Zionists and Fundamentalist Christians contribute heavily. There are still other diseases which I may write about in my future articles. Binladin and Israeli terrorism may be symptoms not the cause of the disease of hate of the U.S. The etiology of this disease is within the U.S.; this country has full control over it and ability to cure it. There is no need to send any forces abroad, covert or overt to cure the disease. There is no swamp that the U.S. is able to dry up. The talk of Crusades is totally ridiculous; Bush and company should be ashamed of themselves for using such hateful terms.

Appreciation. I am appreciative of the President Bush who, while talking to the Mayor and Governor of New York, he said that Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans should be respected and that they are not involved in any way in terrorism. Also, I am appreciative of Mayor Daley of Chicago and many other prominent politicians who have expressed similar concerns and voice in support the Muslim Americans. In the media, I am very appreciative of ABC News, particularly Peter Jennings and Ted Kopple for their neutrality and their voice in favor of finding the disease rather than suppressing the symptoms only. I condemn other TV networks, particularly, the Fox News who has championed anti-Islam and anti-Muslim bigotry.

Pressures on the Muslim world leaders. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yasser Arafat and the Arab world are coming under pressure to cooperate in arresting and handing over Osama Bin Ladin to the American government. This would be wrong to arrest a Muslim leader and hand him over to the enemies of Islam. First of all, the U.S. has a duty to produce hard evidence against Osama Bin Ladin and a Muslim country should try him and convict him if there is evidence within the laws of Islam. If the Muslim leaders are not willing to learn from Islam then they need to learn from Israel. Israel refuses to hand over criminals to any country or any international tribunal. Even abductors and hijackers, whom it considers to be criminals, are tried and sentenced in Israel. Even the U.S. and other western governments have given in to the Israeli whims and failed in extraditing American criminals from Israel. Any international tribunal is run according to the laws of bigotry and hatred of Islam and Muslims and they cannot be the one’s to try Muslims except secularized ones who by their own option, give up Islam.

Conspiracy Theories. Some people have an allergy to conspiracy theories but they do not realize that all fact-finding missions begin with many alternative conspiracy theories. As the investigation progresses, weaker ones are dropped. The U.S. has no alternative theories but one, that is, Osama Bin Ladin, and this is the weakness of the investigation. The U.S. government has the mindset on Osama Bin Ladin and the Taliban and this is going to hurt interests of the U.S. and its people.