The Arc of "Ziono-Fascism" :: Forcing America To Pay and Die for Israel ::

“The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion (to which few members of other civilizations were converted) but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.”

— Samuel Huntington, “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order”

These are the worst of times for our nation, a nation allegedly governed by the consent of the people, yet surrendered its vision, liberty, intellect, and army to pursue the ends of the new world order, the order of “Ziono-Fascism” serving a higher purpose than the divine sanctity of life, America’s pursuit of worldwide friendship, and world peace. Such an order would not be possible without an American government run from within and without by men of greed, men of “Judeo-Christian” warmongers, men of arrogant uncompromising thought, men of singular purpose who take every “Ziono-Fascist” provocation to lie, deceive, demonize, and massacre any nation opposed to their tyranny; men who know the power of propaganda to spin their policies of murder into the spin of democratizing the world, spin death into a necessary sacrifice for liberty.

Who are these evil men of possessed intellect, evil hearts and blood stained hands?

“The Arabs are right when they paint America as a great Zionist conspiracy.”

— Prof. Doughlas Rushkoff, N.Y. University “Wrestling with Zion” (Grove Press, 2003).

They are the Parrots of the powerful few “Ziono-Fascist”, who have today and for a long time in the future led this gullible naïve populace to die and pay for Israel;a nation artificially created by lies, terrorism, and ethnic cleansing; a nation that ferments provocations and hopes for more “wars with the Arabs” as Moshe Dayan said, to fulfill its agenda of a “Greater Israel”. Israel’s victory in the six day war of 1967 transformed the former “Anti-Semitic” Christian Fundamentalists into die hard supporters for Israel. For them, supporting Israel arises from their hate of the Jews as ones that must be totally exterminated (exception: 144,000 converted Jews) in the Battle of Armageddon to hasten the return of the ‘Prince of Peace”. A holocaust to save the masses; much like the Bush-Blair genocide of Iraq to save it from Saddam and the “Islamo-Fascists.”

Who are these “Ziono-Fascists”?

The Parroters of the Israel Lobby: Bush, the NeoCongress, the Media, and Christian Fundamentalists.

The inherently Zionist, dictator wanna be single minded bipolar Bush who couldn’t recall a mistake he’s made, sees no contradiction between his Pro-Life Belief and Pro-Death policies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and the Occupied Palestinian territories.

This is a man who claims Jesus as his personal “philosopher”; while in reality his DNA’s spiritual guide and philosopher is the “Ziono-Fascist” Natan Sharansky, a human rights advocate who’s never met a Palestinian, Muslim or Christian, worthy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Bush, the eternally confused, bares his intellectual depravity in this fashion: “I have opinions of my own — strong opinions — but I don’t always agree with them."

But what drives these “Ziono-Fascists” to destroy the Muslim world, a world that will not succumb to precision bombs, abandon its faith, but contains 60% of the world’s oil reserves?

Buddha had the answer: “They are inflamed by greed, incensed by hate, confused by delusion, overcome by them, and obsessed by mind.”

No one should ever underestimate what J. J. Goldberg calls “Jewish Power.”

In fact, the Jewish American Professor Yuri Slezkine’s latest book is entitled: “The Jewish Century”.

The first sentence in his book’s introduction reads:

“The Modern Age is the Jewish Age, and the Twentieth Century, in particular is the Jewish Century.”

Such power is acknowledged by Americans of all persuasions and vocations, many of them Jews, in addition to worldwide opinion. In fact, a poll found that fully 34% of Americans believe Jews have too much power in this country.

But that’s not all, such a belief is held by a great majority of Israeli Jews:

"When [Israeli public opinion survey company] Hanoch Smith asked his Israeli respondents whether the Jews of America have control of important branches of the American economy, 73 PER CENT replied in the affirmative … In a non-Jewish society, this would have aroused suspicion of anti-Semitism, but emanating from a Jewish society, it seemed both a matter of pride and bewilderment."

— Colin Shindler, Ploughshares into Swords. Israelis and Jews in the Shadow of the Intifada, I. B. Tauris, London, 1991, p. 94-95

George Washington warned this nation of such a “passionate attachment” to a foreign country lest that country influences, even controls America’s foreign policy to serve its interests and fight its wars. Similarly Thomas Jefferson spoke of the danger of “foreign entanglements”. Woodrow Wilson who lamented the death of the League of Nations as “breaking the world’s heart” spoke of the power of “special interests” on our government as an “invisible empire set up above the forms of democracy”.

Wilson perhaps prophetically was referring to Washington D.C.’s power broker, Israel’s AIPAC, our capitol’s foreign government, when he said: “A little group of willful men, representative of no opinion but their own, have rendered the great government of the United States helpless and contemptible.” Indeed Israel has successfully made America the world’s most contemptible nation.

Eisenhower warned America of the power of the “military industrial complex” that has rendered the Pentagon a lobbying firm for Corporations of death selling arms, weapons, and technology to the highest bidder including Apartheid Israel, Saddam Hussein, the Shah, Suharto, Somoza, Noriega, Pinochet, China, and most of dictatorial Africa. America sells close to half of the world’s weapons while fighting for “world freedom and peace.” Israel and our government’s worst enemies are true democracies and their best friends are dictators, those who are easily bribed, intimidated, or killed.

The primary weapon for the “Ziono-Fascists” is the few but all powerful corporate media that formulate, dominate, and ensure popular compliance with domestic and foreign policies that serve Israel, not America. This is possible because our culture unquestionably ingests, regurgitates, is consumed by and lives by the sounds and images of an all powerful media and entertainment indoctrination. Advertising creates the “analytic mind” that chooses a brand of toilet paper or supports wars.

They advertise, therefore I think.

Recently I was sitting in a doctor’s office with about 20 patients awaiting my appointment. The television in the room was tuned into MSNBC. The main story was Israel’s total devastation of Lebanon and Hezbollah’s retaliatory strikes. Not one single person was looking at the television set or listening to the news; all were either flipping through magazines, reading local papers, conversing, or avoiding any eye contact. The news then turned to Mel Gibson’s drunken remarks. Suddenly, their minds awakened from a bored slumber, their eyes turned to the television with the keenest of interest, and smiles filled their once morbid faces. Dying children was of no interest to this group, but celebrity news was fascinating.

Professor Michael Parenti wrote of this disconnect between Americans and their governmental foreign policies for wars of hegemony, wars for wealth, and wars for Israel when he wrote: "The enormous gap between what US leaders do in the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing is one of the great propaganda accomplishments of the dominant political mythology."

How many manufactured wars were started by the “civilized west” that began with lies, propaganda, demonization, slander, and then genocide? Literally, hundreds.

Alexis de Tocqueville encapsulated America’s intellectual laziness, propensity to unquestionably follow the media and opinion makers—those doctors of murderous spin, and the parroting corrupt politicians when he wrote: “I know of no country in which there is so little independence of mind and real freedom of discussion as in America.”

Today’s “ism” is “Ziono-Fascism”, a belief that Israel can do what it must toward the oppressed Palestinians, the pro-western weak Lebanon, the “next stop….Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the Gulf”; in essence, the entire impotent Arab Un-Leagued nations, while they must suffer what they must in “quiet”.

Israel is simply following the “Bush Doctrine” of “Pre-emption” against “Islamo-Fascists”; defined as those who oppose occupation, oppression, injustice, theft of land, resources, and wanton massacres by a “moral” army that does not kill, rape, abuse, burn, torture, starve, besiege, imprisons thousands, prevents free movement, forces pregnant women to deliver at checkpoints, abuse human rights, or disallow, food, water, life saving medicines, or baby formulas to “civilians.”

Israel gets away with murder because it has the protection of the Israel First Neo-Congress and media advocacy that grows in intensity each time Israel intensifies its killing spree against Arabs and Muslims. H.L. Mencken quipped that "freedom of the press is limited to those who own one". To Israel and America their victims are A.W.O.L.–”Arabs With Out Life.

"International politics are conducted by the media in today’s world. Israel must win this war."

— Professor Amos Perlmutter

Underlying the entire history of western colonialism toward the “other” is pure RACISM.

It is the historical hallmark of “White Anglo Ziono-Fascism”, not of Islam. If Islam sought the total annihilation of Jews there would be no Jews alive today, rather, it was Islam that provided the safety, security, shelter, and opportunity to European Jews escaping the “peaceful” faith of Europe.

Today’s “Ziono-Fascists” are believers and followers of the mantra of Jules Harmand, the Indo-China French Colonialist (1910)
“We belong to the superior race and civilization… The basic justification of conquest over native peoples is the conviction of our superiority – not just economic and military but also moral…That quality underlies our right to direct the rest of humanity.”

Americans are fed up and disgusted by their government’s blind and pandering support of Israel, right or wrong. They’re sick of having their hard earned dollars be quietly siphoned to a powerful rich nation while their children go hungry, homeless and uninsured. They’re furious that American weapons, delivered by Israel courtesy of their taxes, are massacring innocent civilians at will in Palestine and Iraq. Shrapnels removed from the brains of innocent children carry the sign: “Made in America”

Only Jewish life is Holy in the Holy Land, non-Jews are second class expendable citizens. A recent poll showed 60% of Israelis support ethnically cleansing Israeli Arabs, Muslims and Christians, from Israel proper. America can no longer support or arm the Apartheid racist state of Israel that has never stopped fighting, killing, annexing, ethnically cleansing, and invading Arab nations since its founding. Palestine and America are now occupied territories.

The brave people of Connecticut dumped the Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman for his support of Bush’s Iraqi killing fields; now the entire nation must dump every Congressman who puts Israel’s interest above our national interest. We must end our quagmire with Israel and in Iraq to liberate our nation from the shackles of the “Ziono-Fascists”.

“The United States should seek to allay the deep resentment against it that has resulted from the creation of Israel. In the past we had good relations with the Arab peoples…..there was mutual confidence to mutual advantage….Today the Arab peoples are afraid that the United States will back the new state of Israel in aggressive expansion….expansionist Zionism”.

— Secretary of State John Foster Dulles while visiting Palestine in 1953. – Donald Neff, “Fifty Years of Israel” pg. 259