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The London Car-Bomb and The need for Intelligent Skepticism

"Mr. Brown has just taken office, and expectations are high that he will distance himself from Blair's foreign policy, a policy many thoughtful people regard as foolish, destructive, and rather servile."

Israel again flouts international law in snubbing Tutu

"...most human rights observers believe that the "kangaroo" approach by Israel has effectively swept the horrors of Beit Hanoun under the carpet."

Michael Jackson Case Reaffirms Fatal Flaw of Prosecutors

"The jury did not find Michael Jackson innocent of child molestation charges; they found him not guilty by virtue of reasonable doubt. And there WAS reasonable doubt because the prime witnesses discredited themselves and their case self-destructed in plain view of the jury."

Are Weapons of Mass Destruction Being Planted in Iraq for Future...

"Surely, Colin Powell would not do so, but he did. Surely Dick Cheney wouldn't deceive us, but he did. Surely Donald Rumsfeld wouldn't deceive us, but he did. Certainly Mr. Chalabi wouldn't deceive us, but he did."

America Has Spoken

"America spoke and said, we don't want John Kerry, a Bush imposter, and we want the Real Thing. One has to wonder if Coca-Cola was a sponsor of the Bush campaign."



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