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How to win friends and have a Happy Holiday

"...we should all reflect upon what and whom we like and enjoy in life, rather than what we dislike. Then again, if we really want to bond and make friends for life, a small dose of antagonism is likely to do the trick."

The Great Plame Mystery

"Instead of subpoenaing journalists, why not subpoena the White House? If the sources are two senior administration officials, surely someone in there would know, wouldn’t you, Mr. Rove?"

Israel & Iraq

"In 1948 Americans could go in peace anywhere in the Muslim world. Today the opposite is true - courtesy of America’s being a lackey of the State of Israel."

When horror strikes

"A few days, a month tops, may be all that is needed for Ghisab Nasasreh's wounds to heal. However, his five-year-old nephew, Azzam will no doubt need a considerably longer amount of time to recuperate from the horror of watching two Israeli settlers from Itamar beat his uncle before his eyes."



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