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Rohingyas’ return to Myanmar

"Why the Myanmar people have to leave their country in search of livelihood or as political refugees is difficult to understand."

Obama Fumbles the Ball on Palestine

"The American public elected you to bring about change we can believe in, and peace in the Middle East will only be that sort of change if it is a peace based on justice instead of military repression."

"Who Needs a Jewish State?" – Inquiring Minds want to Know

"...I am flabbergasted that this degree of racism is sanctioned by the guardians of democracy in the 21st century."

Bukusu Tribe is overlapping

"It is hardly a week when the eighth Vice President of Kenya the Late Michael Christopher Wamalawa Kijana was buried in his farm in Kitale Western Kenya."

The broken mirror

It is late, I must sleep, I lay restless I am suffocating with the images, images of war People taking each other’s lives. War is like a...



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