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Don’t expect fair U.S. elections this time, either

"Dirty tricks are being used, including outright trickery of gullible voters, such as fliers saying that Democrats vote on Wednesday while Republicans vote on Tuesday."

Edward Said would be Proud of the Palestinian People Once Again!

"There is hope for peace, based not on Palestinian weakness and despair, but on Palestinian resolve, strength, and resilience despite the greatest of odds."

Beware of Professional Politicians with Plans

"The only firm principle I can see in Kerry is to grab for power and promise anything to achieve it. Kerry takes polling more seriously than policy analysis."

Dr. Edward Said – Illuminator Extraordinaire

"He was an extraordinary source of illumination -- making truths obvious that otherwise would have been hidden in the haze, the fog, or the deliberate concealment by those who profited and prospered from the darkness."



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