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At the mercy of rising sea levels: Increased Natural Disasters in...

"Aside from the personal tragedies of the hundreds of thousands who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods millions throughout the region who live, or lived in low lying areas have been and will increasingly be at the mercy of rising sea levels."

I respect your religion and you respect mine

"...Islam appeals to the intellect and the soul of every person to seek the Truth..."

Domestic Lying: The Question That Journalists Don’t Ask Bush

"Bush lied about basic civil liberties in the United States. Instead of relying on euphemisms, the news media should directly confront him with the question: “Why would you lie?”

A Health Care Election

"People need to learn how to re-educate the taste buds so that they do not crave high fat and high sugary foods. Companies should be given incentives to educate their employees and for every successful fitter employee, lower health premiums should apply...For those who ignore the information, they will pay higher premiums."

Punishing the Democratic Party Leadership by Voting for Bush

"Perhaps Democrats and Progressives should punish the Democratic Leadership for proposing Bush Light by voting for Bush himself. Perhaps the leadership needs to be taught a lesson."



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