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The Doubting Thomas Inquiry Regarding Free Iraq

"Some American soldiers' moms are supporting the war despite the death of their sons because they say they want to support what their sons died believing in. This is in no way noble when one considers that the sons died believing in lies deliberately foisted on them by an American government who lied repeatedly to its own soldiers and its own citizenry. There is no great honor in dying for a lie, and there is no honor in dying to enslave a nation in the interests of an empire."

Olympic efforts

"Palestinian national sport has had an unusual history. The first Arab country to compete in the soccer World Cup in 1934, Palestinian sports grew out of the clubs in Jerusalem, Haifa and Jaffa in the 1920s. This initial emergence culminated in 1934 with the formation of the POC, a body, however, that never fulfilled its function."



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