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Canada’s election–stupid is as stupid does

Canadians, in droves, turned up their noses at democracy, choosing a party that has attacked it at every turn. These voters made their electoral decision with one hand holding their wallets and the other flailing around from their eyes to their ears, willfully shutting out the endless evidence that it is the people, and not just Parliament, that Harper holds in contempt. -- Ethan Baron,  columnist and new Canadian citizen

This election, cast a vote against tyranny

"If Harper ever had a chance to lead his party to a majority it was in 2006 when the Liberals were at their most vulnerable; however, most Canadians, especially in Ontario, don’t trust Harper, and as a result. the electorate wanted to vote the Liberals out without voting the Harperites in....Like the 2006 Liberals, Harper has nowhere to go but down. That’s all the good news voters need to know."

The Travesty of Selective American Outrage over Military Murders

"There is no profound sense of outrage by the American public or by its president over American military murders of Iraqis or other non-Americans around the world. But President Obama and various congress people have stated in the Ft. Hood aftermath that ALL Americans are outraged and hurt by American military fratricide. Why the discrepancy?"

Why Mental Illness is not to blame for the Virginia Tech...

"Learning the facts about the true association between violent behavior and mental illness is a necessary and important first step in developing a realistic understanding of why some people choose to commit senseless acts of violence against others."

Saddam on trial: small fry face justice of sorts as big...

"The unfortunate reality is that Saddam is being tried not for reasons of justice, or to uncover the extent of his crimes, but to provide a gloss of legitimacy for the US’s occupation of Iraq and the political order it is establishing there to defend its interests in the post-Saddam period."



"God Wills It!"

Wobbly Stools

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