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Confessions of a Drone

"I began to think that humans have fear, and that lacking fear is what makes drones like me better warriors than humans. But that idea had to be revised when I was told that one of my pilots had been fearless. I was told that, right after he disappeared. I was told that he had ended his own life. He had made himself cease to exist. If he'd had no fear, then it was something else that had been causing him to malfunction in certain circumstances. What was it?"

‘Leave it to Bieber’ pre-empts real news

By larding the paper with infotainment, celebrity worship and soft features, the Vancouver Sun ensures that readers remain distracted and amused, and thus less likely to notice the absence of substantive reporting.

Why doesn’t Obama call for Transfer of Illegal Settlements to Palestinians?

"Instead of calling for a cessation of construction of new outposts, Barack Obama should be demanding a total withdrawal of Israeli citizens and military from Palestinian lands to the 1967 borders, leaving Israeli "improvements" intact for the use of the Palestinian people as they see fit."

This Bad Era Will Soon Be Over

"What is sad, however, is that American politics has stooped so low that a Muslim and Arab or a Palestinian are dismissed not for what they say or what they do but for who they are. Rashid Khalidi's sin is not whether he is or is not a spokesman of the PLO -- his real sin is that he is an American of Palestinian origin that presidential nominee Barack Obama knew."

A Perfect Storm in Medical Care

"The continuing stream of bad news about health care could be sugarcoated by remembering that there are many excellent surgeons and other medical practitioners. That fact is not debated."



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