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Political Earthquake in Palestine

"The United States can rhetorically support democratic forces in any country, but those elements can also be easily discredited if the U.S. funds them or tries to support them by intimidating the target authoritarian government."

There’s Got To Be A Better Way To Run A Country

"Think about a system where those who make the laws really understand what it is like to live under those laws. Imagine what it would be like to have a president who actually understood what working for a living was like. Maybe there is no better preparation for the Office of President than having been hungry. Many citizens of the U.S. have experienced severe food shortages but, because of the stigma of poverty, it is a hidden problem. The president and the legislators should have life experiences that would help make them empathetic to the average citizen."

If the Federal Government was handled Like a Business…

"Think about how more efficient they could be in reaping returns for their investors. Both parties are unable to reign in corporate greed and corruption, and depend heavily on corporate largess to win political races."

Americans Forget Democracy is a Process — Not a Result

"Democracy is a process, but to the powerful elite it has become manipulated by corruption into the search for a result."