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Pakistan’s Dysfunctional Judicial System

There are two opposing views about Pakistan. The cynics dismiss it as a "failed state." The other view holds that it has great potential...

Refugee status determination in southern Africa

Lack of access to legal counsel and lengthy delays in procedures continue to undermine refugee status determination procedures in southern Africa.

Is Israel a ‘holy cow’ for South African media?

"While there exist notable exceptions, the unfortunate truth is that unless media practitioners are able to confront this demon of selective critique, their ability to take a critical view of Israel’s destabilizing role and service of America’s imperial interests will remain questionable."

Some Questions for You

"Would a lottery system be a better way to select a president?"

The return of an Israeli opposition

"The international community is also watching with interest to see if the coming Palestinian elections in January and early Israeli elections in March will create respective internal situations more conducive to peace."