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The Quick Demise of Qwikster – ICANN gTLD Approach

"Today, each serious marketer has to come to grips and selective abandon the traditional education over mastering the new emerging platforms because the next battle is all about ‘mass customer acquisition’ and ‘mass customer-touch-points’ achieved by practicing ‘market domination via name identity.’ At this level of complexity this topic is neither discussed at universities nor do MBA programs anywhere in the world and for this reason alone there is so much fear about the new platforms."

Why surveil alleged "Terrorists" when you can detain and torture them

"Step by step we see democracy being uprooted like an unwanted weed and the preparation for fascism, for a police state in America."

Michelle Bachelet victor in Chilean election

"Many believe Bolivia and Venezuela, both significant oil producers, are the next targets before Bush exits the world stage."

Sharon finds ally in Musharraf as Pakistan inches closer to Israel

"Five decades ago Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan visited the United States and met with the captains of American trade and industry. Back then in 1950, these industrialists promised all possible military and economic assistance in case Pakistan recognized Israel. Unlike the present dictator, Liaquat Ali Khan in his gentle tone replied: “Gentleman! Our soul is not for sale.”

All aboard for the Gaza express

"The best immediate solution is construction of a rail link of about 1.5 kilometers between Erez (at the northern border of the Gaza Strip with Israel) and Zikim, which links Gaza to the Israeli rail system. A security checking facility able to scan containers would be set up at Erez. Containers would be sealed and loaded onto the trains for shipment. Once on the Israeli system, goods could travel to Ashdod port, Ben Gurion airport, and other points in Israel. With minor infrastructure developments, movement to West Bank points could easily be developed, including a linkage to Tulkarem."



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