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•A symptom of the occupation

"In other words, the reality of occupation and the need to maintain it and stop resistance to it are polarizing Israel, threatening democracy and increasing racism and discrimination....For all these reasons, and because these negative developments in Israel are part of the dynamics of occupation, friends of Israel (especially those nations, governments and organizations that have leverage over it) must try to help rescue Israeli society and democracy from the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people. That occupation has become chronic, and consequently is creating symptoms inside Israel."

Radio used to help Jordanians follow World Cup

"For the second time in eight years, football fans in Jordan were denied the pleasure of watching the World Cup this year. For sure the games were available to Jordanians, but with a fee."

Gaza’s youth not ‘superfluous’

"The fact that Kramer fails to make the connection between Israeli policies and the conditions that lead to economic "superfluousness" undergirds his logical and analytical ineptitude. This, coupled with the racist and offensive nature of his comments, should push decision makers at Harvard University to reconsider whether it should be affiliated with such individuals."

What preoccupies young Palestinian minds

"After the introductions and the greetings came yet another touching moment. The youth from the Nablus area wanted to know how fellow Palestinians in nearby Jerusalem were doing. They wanted to know how Nablusites were doing! No one talked about the wall, no one mentioned occupation, travel restrictions weren't harped on. Their message, delivered without malice, anger or hatred, was clear. They cared about the occupation."

This Bad Era Will Soon Be Over

"What is sad, however, is that American politics has stooped so low that a Muslim and Arab or a Palestinian are dismissed not for what they say or what they do but for who they are. Rashid Khalidi's sin is not whether he is or is not a spokesman of the PLO -- his real sin is that he is an American of Palestinian origin that presidential nominee Barack Obama knew."



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